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Traditional market of Rasht

The traditional market of Rasht includes the Grand Bazaar, Small Bazaar, four-sided markets (Chaharsooqs), and caravanserais, making it one of Rasht’s attractions. The architecture of the caravanserais and arches in Rasht’s market are among the charming features of this beloved market. Various fresh local foods are sold here, and the aroma of fish and local vegetables fills the air.

Throughout Rasht’s market, diverse aspects of the native culture of the people of Gilan can be found, each uniquely beautifuleofarket consists of various parts such as caravanserais, arches, and more. In the 24-hectare area of the Rasht market, there are 14 caravanserais interconnected by different market lanes. These caravanserais were built as commercial hubs du thearoddsdstheperiods Pahlavi period.

Rasht’s traditional market is one of the most beautiful and picturesque markets in Iran, comprising different sections like the Grand Bazaar, Small Bazaar, Chaharsooqs, and caravanserais.

Key features of this market:

  • Beautiful and unique architecture of the caravanserais and arches
  • Offering a variety of local Gilan foods and handicrafts
  • Reflecting the culture and customs of the native people of Gilan
  • The presence of 14 caravanserais interconnected by market lanes
  • Construction of the caravanserais during the Qajar era and early Pahlavi period as commercial centers
  • Located in the 24-hectare historical fabric of the Rasht market

This market is considered one of the cultural and identity symbols of the city of Rasht.

[The Qajar era refers to the period from the late 18th century to the early 20th century, and the early Pahlavi period refers to the mid-20th century.]

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