Uramanat - Iran Tourist Attractions


  • Province: Kurdistan
  • City: Marivan
  • National Monuments of Iran
  • UNESCO World Heritage

Uramanat is a region in the Uraman district of Sarvabad County in the western part of Kurdistan Province, connected to Marivan by a 75-kilometer road. This area is a shared region between Iran and Iraq, featuring famous rivers like Sirwan and Lileh. The houses in the Uraman village are made of stone in a dry-stone and stair-step manner, which is why Uraman is also known as the “Village of a Thousand Masoulehs.” Based on remaining records, humans have lived in this region for about 40,000 years since the Paleolithic era. The climate of the Uraman region is mountainous; it is an area covered in large, lush forests, attracting thousands of domestic and foreign tourists.

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