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Stars Valley

Qeshm Island boasts pristine nature and a mysterious world, but missing one of the tourist attractions of Qeshm means you haven’t fully experienced this beautiful city, and this place is none other than the Valley of the Stars on Qeshm Island. This 2 million-year-old valley is one of the most unique natural attractions of Qeshm and Iran.

The locals of Qeshm believe that once a star collided with the heart of the island, creating this beautiful valley. The circulation of air and the sound it produces in the Valley of the Stars lead many locals to consider this valley a place where spirits roam at night, avoiding it after dark. Activities like observing the statues and tall columns in this valley, buying handicrafts from small stalls there, visiting the Stone Museum, and touring the village of Berkeh Khalaf are some of the things you can do when visiting the Valley of the Stars.

The natural wonders of Qeshm Island cover the entire island. The strange and bizarre rocks of this valley give you a feeling of traveling to Mars. The valley, located 5 kilometers from the village of Berkeh Khalaf, has been scientifically formed due to soil erosion, but the villagers believe it was formed due to a star falling to the earth. To see the stars, you have to wait until night. The Valley of the Stars is part of the Qeshm Geopark, the only geopark in the Middle East. The best time to visit this scenic spot is in late winter and early spring. Reaching the top of the valley, in addition to enjoying a beautiful view, provides an excellent opportunity for photography. To get to this valley, just drive for 25 minutes towards the southern road, and after visiting the Kharbas Caves and the Golden Beach, you will reach the valley.

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