Experience a tranquil and unforgettable stay at the Abbasi Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in the Middle East! The Abbasi Hotel is situated within Isfahan, Iran’s historical and cultural context. It is housed in the Madar Shah Caravanserai, which dates back to the Safavid era and was initially constructed by the order of Sultan Hussein and presented as a gift to his mother.
The three-story hotel features a central courtyard and boasts 225 rooms, suites, and apartments, each uniquely decorated in Safavid and Qajar architectural styles. It was opened to guests in 1966 (1345 in the Persian calendar). In March 2017, the Abbasi Hotel was recognized as the most beautiful hotel in the Middle East.
Guests who choose to stay at the Abbasi Hotel can expect a dreamlike experience. The hotel offers diversity in its usage and decorations, including various rooms, halls, corridors, and the central courtyard, providing delightful moments for its guests. Upon entering the lobby with its unparalleled architecture, you will be transported back in time and mesmerized by its beauty.
All rooms at the Abbasi Hotel are naturally ventilated, and you can choose whether you’d like a room with a view of the hotel’s courtyard or the street. One of the hotel’s advantages is its diverse range of restaurants, including the Chelokababi and Chesham Andaz restaurants, which serve a variety of Iranian and international cuisines in an enchanting atmosphere.
Additionally, the hotel features the Nagshe Jahan Café and a traditional tearoom, providing a delightful setting to spend quality time with loved ones. The Abbasi Hotel is an excellent choice for those who seek a unique and unforgettable stay in Isfahan.
The hotel’s various halls and conference rooms make it a suitable host for conferences, seminars, and multiple events. By booking a room at the Abbasi Hotel, you can enjoy easy access to Isfahan’s historical and tourist attractions, such as Chahar Bagh Avenue, Hasht Behesht Palace, Chehel Sotoun Palace, and the picturesque Naqsh-e Jahan Square, all within walking distance. Different shops offering high-quality products and handicrafts are located in a unique and beautiful part of the hotel’s lobby for those interested in shopping. The beautiful Abbasi Hotel, equipped with numerous recreational and leisure facilities in a unique environment, is undoubtedly one of the best choices for travelers to Isfahan.