Zhermansica is a historical name in Bushehr, a province in southern Iran. The oldest signs of its history date back to the Elamite period. Evidence, such as Rey Shahr, indicates that this region was within the territory of the Sassanians, and the ancient port of Siraf was the most important commercial port during that era.

In most areas of Bushehr, people speak Persian and have a dialect close to Luri. People in some areas, such as Asaluyeh, Shif Island, and the ports of Kangan, speak Arabic. The coastal people of the Persian Gulf have a dialect with elements of Balochi, Kurdish, and Turkmen, and they incorporate English, Portuguese, and Dutch words into their language.

Prominent cultural features of Bushehr include chest beating (Sineh-Zani), reciting Khayyam’s poetry, Sabalo recitation, and Chavoshi music. People in Bushehr commonly use traditional musical instruments such as the Sange, Dammam, and Zarb.

Bushehr is one of Iran’s most critical southern provinces, known for its historical attractions and beautiful Persian Gulf beaches. Its notable features are historical hills, beautiful gardens and mansions, coastal recreational activities, and lush palm groves.

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