Taj Mahal Apartment Hotel Tehran is a unique and delightful accommodation that combines elements of Iranian and Indian culture and civilization. It provides a pleasant and distinctive stay for guests traveling to the capital, whether for business or leisure. The hotel’s rooms and suites are well-equipped and luxurious, offering top-notch amenities and stylish decor to ensure a comfortable stay for its guests.
In addition to its comfortable accommodations, the hotel invites guests to savor various dishes from Gilani and Indian cuisine. Two restaurants, “Mahi Mahi” and “Hindi,” offer a chance to explore new and delightful flavors. The hotel’s café is also perfect for relaxation or business meetings.
Conveniently located near Tehran’s northern streets and highways, the Taj Mahal Apartment Hotel offers easy access to various parts of the city. The hotel provides additional amenities such as high-speed internet, laundry facilities, parking, and more, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay for its guests.
The hotel offers a billiards hall, swimming pool, and sports facilities for those seeking recreation. Taj Mahal Apartment Hotel is a 5-star establishment that promises to make your stay in Tehran both enjoyable and memorable with its exceptional services and amenities.