cuts through the impersonal uniformity of conventional travel agencies with personalized, specialist service to meet the needs of the most demanding business partners. Regarding Iran’s incoming tours, we’re one of the largest companies currently operational in Iran. The three main pillars of our activities are guided tours, accommodation, and domestic and international flights (transport). We are part of a global network with representatives in more than 12 countries.

Job Opportunity
  • We highly value an open, honest, and straightforward way of working. It is this transparent approach in our relationship with both customers and suppliers that makes us unique.
  • Our expertise & experience attracts many potential business partners.
  • We have a great relationship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for visas.
  • We offer competitive prices and the highest service quality to our business partners.
  • We are the direct operator of our advertised tours; we won’t pass our passengers/your clients around. We are not the middle people.
  • We have won several branding awards as a trusted brand in Iran amongst our domestic and international customers.


Benefits of partnering with us:

The personal touch:
We cater to Overseas Guests directly all the time. We realize that innumerable agents in overseas countries have difficulty organizing reservations for their travel within Iran and around Iran. would be pleased to offer suggestions and solutions to overseas agents so that their guests can plan and execute itineraries and effectively act as destination managers on their behalf. Your destination manager will be available to you 24 hours a day.

Mutual relationship:

As you can see on the “About us” page, we’re a massive travel agency based in Iran with three branches operating tours for incoming and outgoing passengers. We have been sending outbound passengers for the past 16 years and will benefit from this mutual relationship.
See it yourself: FAM Tours for Iran.

We invite all potential business partners to visit our country, facilities, agents, locations, and offices whenever you wish. You will be our guest during your stay in Iran as part of a group or individually.

We have designed a package for your Iran FAM tour. As well as accommodation, your FAM tour to Iran will also consist of the following:
Participation in all events of the general program (e.g., seminars, forums, round table meetings, discussions, reception evenings, business lunches and dinners, and networking opportunities).

Company information in a catalog targeted at the three Brazilian municipalities;
Guided group transportation and airport transfers.

Pre-arranged B2B meetings: B2B contact meetings between your company and our management team can be arranged as a tailored part of your program.
Site tours: Sector-specific site tours to relevant companies and international organizations can be additionally arranged to give the participating companies an overview of their sector of interest in Iran and provide an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the Iranian market.

Specific industry activities: It is possible to organize thematic events if several companies are from the same country.
Industry exhibitions: If necessary, information about thematic / industry exhibitions and similar activities can be acquired and your participation organized.

Drop us a line; we would love to be in touch 🙂

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