Serenity in the Woods: Forest Cabin Retreat and Yoga

Join us in this unique experience where we will connect with nature, strengthen our inner selves, and appreciate nature's wonders in a whole new way.

This experience is all about purposeful relaxation. We will embark on a journey into the depths of ourselves amidst the serene and unparalleled silence of the pristine Hyrcanian forests. We will spend a night in a forest cabin in the Alian village near Foumanat. Our cabin is a haven of tranquility and comfort.

During our day together, we will enjoy a unique experience of bodily and spiritual relaxation. We will hike through the mesmerizing natural landscapes and alongside the Etrāq Lake. This is where we can spend hours practicing yoga and meditation, establishing a deeper connection with the world of existence. Through yoga and relaxation exercises, we will strive to unite our body, mind, and spirit, absorbing the energy of nature and enhancing our inner peace. Yoga in nature will enable us to understand life’s essence better and perceive nature differently.

Here is an overview of our experience of staying in a forest cabin and practicing yoga in nature:

Forest Hike:

We will hike through the forest, immersing ourselves in the natural beauty.

Yoga and Meditation by the Lake:

We’ll engage in yoga and meditation by the tranquil waters of Lake Etrāq.

Harvesting Herbs:

We will gather natural herbs and prepare a traditional herbal tea by an open fire.

Dancing and Singing in Nature:

We’ll dance and sing in its serene embrace to connect with nature.

Chakras and Their Functions:

We’ll delve into the understanding of chakras and their significance.

Overnight Stay in a Forest Cabin:

We will spend a peaceful night in our forest cabin, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature.