From Raver to Birjand on the edge of Lut desert

Lut's Legacy: From Raver to Birjand's Cultural Traverse

Embark on a remarkable journey from Raver to Birjand, on the cusp of the Lut Desert. This expedition offers a blend of unique geological wonders, cultural encounters, and historical treasures. Witness the enchanting folds of the earth, experience the saffron harvest festivities in Zarand, and explore the desert city of Raver. Traverse mesmerizing landscapes, terraced villages, and lush palm groves. The route leads to Nayband, the largest wildlife sanctuary in Iran. On the second day, venture to Khosf’s historical gems and continue to the pristine city of Birjand. Discover heritage sites, citadels, and waterfalls that reflect the rich tapestry of this captivating region.

2 Days

Zarand Raver Nayband Birjand

Day 1: Enchanting Landscapes and Cultural Treasures

Our adventure commences at the edge of the Lut desert, a region that boasts one of Iran’s most captivating landscapes, where the provinces of Kerman, Yazd, and South Khorasan meet. The journey from Raver to Tabas unveils a road brimming with geological wonders and unique earth formations. The Zarand desert becomes our gateway to this journey, hosting the annual autumn saffron harvest festival. Raver welcomes us with its desert essence, showcased through its statues representing the region’s wildlife and cultural heritage. Here, the Raver Yakhdan and the Museum of Anthropology offer insightful stops before we venture further into the desert. Our path is adorned with pistachio orchards and geological marvels, including a colorful, blue-layered mountain near Darband and the layered erosion formations beyond the dam. As we approach Nayband, the vast expanse of the Lut desert unfolds, guiding us to the largest wildlife sanctuary in Iran. Along this path, water reservoirs serve as havens for travelers, culminating in a refreshing stop at the Dig Rostam spa, famous for its therapeutic hot springs. The journey then leads us to Nayband, a terraced village that harmoniously blends with the desert landscape, where we settle for the night in eco-tourist lodges.

Day 2: From Nayband to Birjand's Splendors

Leaving Nayband behind, our next chapter unfolds towards Birjand, navigating through the essence of traditional and historical Iran. The journey through Zenughan and towards Khosff reveals Rostam Castle and the tomb of Ibn Hossam Khosfi, surrounded by picturesque summer villages. Birjand awaits with its pristine beauty, hosting landmarks like Birjand Castle, Kolah Ferengi, and the serene Band Dareh and Charadeh waterfalls, each a testament to the region’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

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