From Tehran to Gonbad

Discovering Iran's East: A Four-Day Expedition from Tehran to Gonbad

Tehran is the capital of Iran and is located on the southern slopes of the Alborz mountain range at an altitude of 900…Shahrood
The city of Shahroud is on the northern edge of the desert plain, on the southern slopes of the Alborz mountain range and at the height of…Kavus Dome
Kavus Dome is the center of the Turkmen Sahara and between the two main branches of the Gorgan River on both sides of the north…

One of the wonders of Iran’s nature is sudden climate change, which is one of the best examples in Semnan province. It is interesting to know that the forest is only a few tens of kilometers away when you wander among the desert villages!

4 Days

Tehran  Garmsar   Semnan   Gonbad

Day 1: From Tehran to Garmsar

Our journey begins in Tehran, heading southeast towards the historical city of Varamin, known for its Jame Mosque, Ala-Doleh Tower, and Imamzadeh Yahya. After leaving Varamin, and thus Tehran province, we find ourselves in Garmsar, a city rich in history with attractions like the Qasr Bahram Caravanserai and Ain Al-Rashid Caravanserai. A drive through this area also offers views of the ancient cobbled road and a portion of the desert national park south of Garmsar. We’ll then head to Semnan for the night, preparing to explore its semi-desert beauty tomorrow.

Day 2: Immersing in Semnan's Charms

Semnan greets us with its Jame Mosque and the citadel gate, alongside the Seljuk minaret at the Grand Mosque. The city is a haven for museum enthusiasts, hosting the Garmabeh Pahne Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Arts of the East. In the afternoon, we’ll depart for Damghan to visit “Ali Spring,” “Tepe-Hisar,” and one of Iran’s first Islamic period mosques. The day concludes with a night’s stay in Shahrood to keep us on schedule.

Day 3: Chenarsukhte to Kalate Khaij

Shahrood starts our third day, where desert heat and forest coolness meet. Attractions here include Chenarsukhte, Gulshan Tekeya, and the Shahroud Jame Mosque. Next, we visit Bastam, Bayazid Bastami’s resting place, the Kashana Tower, and Jame Bastam Mosque. Those interested in exploring the cloud forest might consider extending their trip. Otherwise, we proceed to Kalate Khaij, known for its traditional fabric weaving. Our night is spent here, setting the stage for the final leg of our journey to Azadshahr and the Qaboos Dome.

Day 4: Culmination in Gonbad

Our final day brings us to Gonbad, home to the UNESCO-listed Qaboos Dome, near the National Garden. We can also explore Alma Gol Wetland, Golestan Dam, and the Inche Brun border terminal. As our journey concludes, we reflect on the transition from desert to forest, marking a fitting end to a memorable trip through Iran’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

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