From the Shiraz to Eqlid and Abadeh

Exploring Eqlid and Abadeh - A Two-Day Adventure

Embark on a captivating two-day voyage through Eqlid and Abadeh, where nature’s beauty intertwines with a rich history. This journey offers a glimpse into Iran’s diverse heritage, from Eqlid’s springs and mountains to Abadeh’s ancient treasures.

2 Days

Shiraz  Eqlid  Abadeh

Day 1: Exploring Eqlid's Enchantment

Our journey from Shiraz to Eqlid unveils the scenic beauty of the Doroodzan Dam and Dashtak’s captivating landscapes, marking our introduction to this region’s allure. In Eqlid, a city rich in natural wonders and historical sites, we’ll explore the serene Gur Bahram Spring, the towering Mount Bell, the Basiran Prohibited Hunting Area, the refreshing Rasulullah Spring, and the picturesque Tang-e Boraq. Our stay will be at one of the local accommodations, offering a comfortable base for exploration, including the Kian Hotel, Municipal Hotel, or the tranquil Neycheshmeh Ecolodge, each providing a unique experience of Eqlid’s hospitable culture and stunning surroundings.

Day 2: Abadeh's Ancient Wonders

The next day brings us to Abadeh, a city teeming with historical treasures. Our visit includes the majestic Izadkhasht Castle, the venerable 800-year-old plane tree symbolizing Abadeh’s enduring natural heritage, and the architectural marvel of Timcheh Sarafian. This exquisite two-story marketplace, renowned for its artistic carvings and wooden doors, stands as a testament to Iran’s rich craftsmanship, being a focal point for the trade of Iranian handicrafts. Registered as a national heritage site in 1996, Timche Sarafian not only showcases the artistic heritage of Abadeh but also serves as a vibrant cultural hub, concluding our journey through the heart of Iran’s historical landscapes with a profound appreciation of its ancient wonders and the beauty of its natural environment.

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