Tour around Lake Urmia

Exploring North-West Iran: A Four-Day Journey of History and Nature

Explore the wonders of North-West Iran in a comprehensive four-day journey. Beginning in Tabriz, where historical treasures like the Blue Mosque and the Azerbaijan Museum await, venture onward to Shabstar and Selmas. Discover relics like the Khan Takhti relief and enjoy the scenic landscapes. Urmia offers an array of attractions, from Shahrbani Mansion to the Urmia Caravanserai. Journey to Miandoab, visiting ancient sites like Hasanlu Hill, Taq Mosque, and Imamzade Tajan Ali. Bonab boasts its renowned kebabs and Bonab Bazaar, while Maragheh and Ajab Shir provide more historical gems. Your adventure concludes, having circled the enchanting Lake Urmia.

4 Days

Tabriz Shabestar Selmas Urmia Miandoab Bonab Maragheh

Day 1: Tabriz

We’ll begin our journey in the vibrant city of Tabriz, circling back here after touring around Lake Urmia. For those eager to delve into the city’s rich constitutional heritage right away, Tabriz awaits with open arms! As the largest city in northwestern Iran and the capital of East Azerbaijan province, it boasts the Azerbaijan Museum, showcasing archaeological treasures near the visually striking Blue Mosque. Don’t miss out on the serene El Goli, just one of Tabriz’s many attractions.

But this is merely the first step of our journey.

Day 2: Sufian - Shabestar

Leaving Tabriz, we head towards Sufian, passing the notable cement factory. At the crossroads, we’ll take the western route towards Lake Urmia, eventually reaching Shabestar. Here, we’ll explore the Soharqa Church, the tomb of Sheikh Mahmoud Shabstri, and the protected Mishu Dagh hunting area. Continuing on, we arrive at Bandar Sharafkhaneh, where the Tal pier and its beach camp await alongside landmarks like Seyed Mir Agha’s tomb and the Jame Mosque.

As the day wanes, it’s time to consider our night’s lodging, likely around Selmas, preparing us for the next day’s explorations.

Day 3: Selmas - Urmia

Selmas welcomes us with its Sassanian era relic, “Khan Takhti,” along with Hammam Sheikh and Haftvan Church. Known for its pastoral landscapes and dairy farming, breakfast in Selmas offers the warmth of fresh bread, cheese, and local dairy delights.

Then, it’s on to Urmia, a city as ancient as the lake it borders. Attractions like the Shahrbani Mansion, Three Domes Mansion, Urmia Museum, and the old market demand a day’s worth of exploration. An evening at Band Urmia with its delightful culinary offerings caps off the day.

Day 4: Miandoab - Bonab - Maragheh

With dawn breaking, our journey takes us to Miandoab via Naqdeh and the ancient Hasanlu Hill, a site dating back over 6,000 years. Miandoab, nestled between the Zarinehroud and Siminehroud rivers and south of Lake Urmia, is rich in sights including the Taq Mosque and Halako Castle. Departing Miandoab by dusk, we make our way to Bonab, famous for its exceptionally large and savory kebabs.

Our travels also bring us near Maragheh and Ajab Shir, promising visits to “Tea Castle,” “Zahak Castle,” and the quaint village of Dizaj Hasan Bey. This route, weaving through Azarshahr and Momghan, beautifully concludes our tour around Lake Urmia.

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