Tour Desert of Isfahan and Yazd

Desert Magic: From Isfahan to Mesr and Yazd's Enigmatic Heart

Embark on an enchanting journey that delves into the lesser-known corners of Isfahan and Yazd. Beyond the famed landmarks, we’ll lead you through towns and villages that have often gone unnoticed. From the vibrant city of Isfahan to the desert oasis of Yazd, this 4-day exploration promises to reveal a new side of these well-trodden paths.

4 Days

Isfahan   Garmeh   Mesr   Meybod  Yazd

Day 1: Isfahan's Marvels and Anark's Adobe Charm

Maybe you have passed through Isfahan to Yazd many times and have seen these two famous cities up close. But this time, we will take you to towns and villages you probably have never noticed.
The sights of Isfahan City, bridges over the Zayandeh River and Safavid heritage in Naqsh Jahan Square do not need to be defined. So without preliminaries, we leave Isfahan and go to Anark. But before reaching this city, we will see Nayin. Narin Castle and the Museum of Anthropology of Nayin in the place of Pirnia’s house are among the attractions of Nayin. Jame Nayin Mosque, known as Alavian Mosque, and this city’s historical market form a part of the historical context. Our suggestion is to reach Anark for an overnight stay.
Anark is located 220 km northeast of Isfahan—a city whose landscape consists of adobe houses and windbreaks on their roofs.

Day 2: From Anark to Mesr and Khor's Desert Oasis

Our journey on the second day leads us to Khor, but not before delving into the heart of the Mesr desert. Embrace the solitude of the Mesr village, nestled in the midst of Iran’s expansive desert. A day of desert trekking in Mesr promises an adventure, warranting an overnight stay to fully immerse in the desert’s mystique.

Day 3: Desert Beauty and Kharanag's Ancient Whispers

Transitioning from west to east, and then back westward, our path intersects with the quaint village of Garmeh, celebrated for its lush palm groves amidst the desert landscape. Our voyage continues through “Mehrejan” and “Bayazeh,” each with its unique allure. Kharanag awaits as our next destination. Timing our arrival with the sunset in Kharanag offers a splendid view, though if time permits, a visit to Ardakan is within reach.

Day 4: Pilgrimage and Craftsmanship

The dawn of the fourth day takes us to the Pir Sabz or Chak Chak shrine, a spiritual journey enriched by a visit to the Ardakan Grand Mosque and the Arjanan Caravanserai. Not far from here lies Meybod, a city renowned for its Narin Castle, historic caravanserai, and mosque. The Zillow Museum in Meybod introduces us to a celebrated Iranian handicraft, recognized by UNESCO. Our journey culminates in the heart of Amirchakhmaq Square in Yazd, where the local sweets offer a delightful treat. A stroll through the Fahadan neighborhood, capped with a traditional Yazdi meal near Iskandar prison, provides a perfect conclusion to our exploration.

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