Travel to the Red Lake of Iran

Journey to the Enigmatic Red Lake: Shiraz - Sarvestan - Darab Adventure

Experience the Magic of Its Scarlet Waters, Enhancing the Enchantment of Your Journey.
Delve into the Historic Majesty of Sasan Palace in Sarvestan and Immerse Yourself in Darabgord’s Timeless Allure, All in an Irresistible Adventure.

1 Days

Shiraz  Sarvestan  Darab

Day 1: The Captivating Hues of Maharlu Lake

Our journey begins with a visit to Maharlu Lake, Iran’s mesmerizing red lake, located southeast of Shiraz. This unique natural wonder, known for its vibrant red color, lies near the village of Maharlu and is renowned for its high rate of water evaporation, which significantly increases its salinity. The lake’s striking hues, a result of the salinity and the types of algae and microorganisms that thrive in its waters, offer a breathtaking spectacle that stands out against the backdrop of Iran’s diverse landscapes.

Following our exploration of Maharlu Lake, we’ll journey to the Sasan Palace of Sarvestan, delving into the rich historical tapestry of Iran’s Sassanian era. The visit provides a glimpse into the architectural and cultural heritage that has shaped the region.

For lunch and a period of rest, we’ll stop at the Roya Tourism Complex, offering a chance to savor local cuisine and recharge before continuing our journey.

The day’s travels will also take us to Darab, home to the ancient city of Darabgard. Here, we’ll immerse ourselves in the history and stories of one of Iran’s historical gems, exploring its ruins and learning about its significance through the ages.

Our night will be spent at the tourist complex of Darabgard, providing a comfortable and enriching conclusion to a day filled with natural beauty and historical discovery. This day promises not only to unveil the stunning landscapes of Iran but also to connect us with the deep-rooted history and culture that permeate the region.

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