Staying in Luxury Hotels During Your Visit to Iran

Staying in a hotel or accommodation with the highest quality amenities is one of the travel attractions. Hotels with modern or traditional designs, diverse and high-quality food, warm and comfortable rooms with the latest technologies, professional hospitality, and amenities like swimming pools and saunas all enhance the travel experience. Stay with us if you wish to experience a luxurious stay in Iran's tourist cities.

What you will read in this article:

Toranj Hotel, Kish

The Toranj Hotel in Kish is one of Iran’s most unique and beautiful hotels. The hotel is built in two phases on the northwest of Kish Island. The first phase boasts overwater bungalows with glass floors, giving you the feeling of living on water. Watching the sunset from the suite balconies will be one of the lasting memories of your trip to Kish. The second phase, located adjacent to the first one along Kish’s coastline and spread across four floors, has yet to be inaugurated. The rooftop pool in this phase promises an extraordinary swimming experience with a sea view.

Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran

You cannot miss the Espinas Palace Hotel when listing the most luxurious hotels in Iran. Built in 2015 in the Sa’adat Abad area of Tehran, this hotel’s modern design and luxurious services have made it one of the favorites among foreign tourists. Its lavish lobby, conference rooms, various luxury restaurants catering to nationalities like Arabic, French, Persian, Mediterranean, Thai, etc., and rooms offering mountain and city views ensure a luxury stay.

Wisteria Hotel, Tehran

The five-star Wisteria Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Tehran, located in the pleasant climate of North Tehran facing the Alborz mountains. Some of its benefits are its proximity to significant places like Niavaran Palace, Ferdows Garden, Tajrish Market, and Imamzadeh Saleh. Built over 21 floors, the hotel boasts chic and luxurious architecture and design. The Roof Garden restaurant and Sky Lounge serve the best Persian and international dishes. Turkish baths, a swimming pool, a sauna, a jacuzzi, massage services, and a gymnasium are among the luxury amenities that amplify the joy of staying for travelers.

Saraye Ameriha Hotel, Kashan

An ancient house in Kashan that dates back to the Zand dynasty now hosts guests from all over the world, offering them an extraordinary stay in the ambiance of old Kashan. You can see all the elements of old Iranian houses, including the exterior and interior, courtyard, pond, royal chambers, and intricate architectural designs. A unique feature of the American Hotel is the presence of the tallest windcatcher among Kashan’s old houses. It feels like you’re staying in the middle of a historical attraction. This historical home features traditional drinking places, an Iranian bath, a confectionery, a museum, courtyards, a pond, and an underground reservoir that calls guests away from modern life’s hustle and bustle into the tranquility of old houses.

Almas 2 Hotel, Mashhad

With its extraordinary architecture, the five-star Almas 2 Hotel in Mashhad offers a luxurious stay in the religious city of Mashhad. This hotel is the closest point to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza and has excellent access to the city’s railways, airports, and historical attractions. What’s fascinating about Almas 2 Hotel is that its rooms and suites are designed in various styles, including Arab, Safavid, Indian, African, Turkish, Russian, Thai, ancient Iranian, and Italian decors. The hotel boasts five dining and reception halls, a water complex and spa, a convention hall, and a dedicated bazaar, all for its guests.

New Arg Hotel, Yazd

If you travel to the world’s first mud-brick city, Yazd, stay at the New Arg Hotel in Yazd. The hotel has a brick and clay façade but boasts modern architecture, which may amaze you. This lavish hotel is slightly away from the city, situated beside the Shirkuh mountain range, in a peaceful and pleasant environment. The four-star New Arg Hotel in Yazd offers fantastic amenities like two wedding halls, two restaurants, two conference rooms, billiards and table tennis rooms, a volleyball court, a shopping center, a beauty salon, a coffee shop, and many other services for its Iranian and foreign guests. The New Arg Hotel in Yazd is close to the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and is only 10 minutes away from the city center and 15 minutes from the airport.

Hotel Palace Kish

The Palace Hotel, located on the beautiful island of Kish, offers unique amenities such as a swimming pool and cinema, providing an ideal stay for travelers. The collection is located on the 15th floor and is outdoors. The cinema hall boasts the latest audio and visual facilities and has a capacity of 264 seats. The Palace Hotel Kish is only 1.4 kilometers from the sea and is very close to Kish’s shopping and entertainment centers.

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

In 1149 AD, a caravanserai was built by order of Shah Sultan Hussein Safavi. He gifted this caravanserai to his mother, so it became known as the Mother Shah’s Caravanserai. This caravanserai was renovated in 1957, and its name was changed to Shah Abbasi Guesthouse. In 1966, it was transformed into its current hotel form. The ancientness of Abbasi Hotel Isfahan can be seen in the Qajar and Safavid style architecture and decorations of the rooms and the hotel courtyard. In addition to the beautifully designed rooms and suites, they offer views overlooking a garden and the turquoise dome of the Chehar Bagh School. This grand hotel’s facilities include restaurants, traditional dining rooms, coffee shops, a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, massage room, and 11 multi-purpose halls for various ceremonies and gatherings.

Madinah Al-Reza Hotel Mashhad

Madinah Al-Reza is one of the new and luxurious hotels in Mashhad, only 150 meters away from the holy shrine of Imam Reza. This five-star hotel showcases authentic Iranian architecture with modern rooms. Importantly, they offer a variety of rooms and suites, including connecting rooms, bridal rooms, war veteran rooms, apartments, suites, and general rooms. The Madinah Al-Reza Hotel facilities include reception halls, conference rooms, and aquatic facilities like a swimming pool, massage room, and gym.

Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz

A trip to Shiraz, the city of Hafez and poetry, the city of oranges and Shirazi ice cream, the Karim Khan Citadel, and the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque always holds many surprises for tourists. Zandiyeh Hotel in Shiraz can be considered one of these wonders. It is a hotel combining traditional and modern architecture, with a view on one side of the Quran Gate and the other of the Karim Khan Citadel. Double rooms, luxury suites, Zandiyeh suites, honeymoon suites, and business suites are various accommodation options in the five-star Zandiyeh Hotel. The hotel’s restaurants serve Iranian and Western dishes, and its pool and sauna are designed similarly to Vakil Bathhouse. The other facilities and services of the magnificent Zandiyeh Hotel in Shiraz include a Turkish bath, gym, swimming pool, and sauna.