Sari Daily Tour

Sari Treasures: A Guided Day Tour

Sari, the capital of Mazandaran Province in northern Iran, offers a wonderful mix of cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and historical sites. This itinerary blends cultural exploration with natural wonders and historical insights, providing a comprehensive experience of Sari and its vibrant surroundings. Each day introduces different aspects of the region, from its rich historical sites to its breathtaking natural beauty, ensuring a memorable visit to this part of northern Iran. Here’s a detailed 5-day itinerary to explore Sari and its surroundings:

5 Days



Day 1: Discover Sari

Morning: Start your visit at the Sari Bazaar, an excellent place to immerse yourself in local culture and pick up some unique souvenirs, such as traditional Mazandarani handicrafts and regional food products.

Afternoon: Visit the Clock Tower, an iconic landmark of Sari. Then, head to the Farah Abad Complex, a historical site with remains dating back to the Safavid era, including an old mosque and a palace.

Evening: Enjoy dinner at a traditional restaurant, trying local dishes like Mirza Ghassemi and Baghali Ghatogh.

Day 2: Nature and Recreation

Morning: Travel to Badab-e Surt, about 100 kilometers south of Sari. These naturally terraced hot springs are known for their stunning orange, yellow, and red hues from mineral deposits.

Afternoon: Continue to Miankaleh Peninsula for bird watching and exploring the unique biosphere reserve. The area is known for its diverse wildlife, particularly waterfowl and migratory birds.

Evening: Return to Sari and relax in one of the local tea houses or cafes.

Day 3: Cultural Exploration

Morning: Visit the Sari Archaeological Museum to learn more about the region’s history and view artifacts from various archaeological sites.

Afternoon: Explore the Gohar Tappeh ancient hill, an archaeological site near Sari, which offers insights into the region’s prehistoric periods through its excavations.

Evening: Stroll through Khazar Boulevard at sunset, enjoying the seaside atmosphere and trying street food.

Day 4: Day Trip to Ramsar

Full Day: Take a day trip to Ramsar, located west along the Caspian coast. Visit the Ramsar Palace (also known as the Marble Palace), which is set in a stunning garden with views of the sea. Explore the old baths and the Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests.

Evening: Return to Sari, perhaps stopping along the way at local villages to sample fresh seafood or local delicacies.

Day 5: Lajim and Departure

Full Day: Spend your last morning at one of Sari’s villages, such as Lajim, where you can enjoy a peaceful walk or a light hike in the village and forest.

Evening: Prepare for your departure from Sari.

Sari, nestled in the northern part of Iran and surrounded by the lush landscape of Mazandaran Province, serves as a great starting point for various excursions. Here are some engaging day trips and excursions from Sari that highlight the region's natural beauty and cultural heritage:

1: Abbas Abad Forest and Lake

Distance: About 45 km northwest of Sari.

Highlights: Explore the Abbas Abad Forest Park and Lake, a historical and natural site built during the Safavid era. The area includes a beautiful lake surrounded by dense forests, offering peaceful walking trails and picnic spots.

2: Golestan National Park

Distance: About 150 km east of Sari.

Highlights: While a bit farther afield, Golestan National Park is worth the drive. It’s one of Iran’s largest and oldest national parks and provides a sanctuary for a wide variety of wildlife, including the Persian leopard. The park’s diverse habitats range from temperate forests to grasslands, offering excellent hiking and wildlife spotting opportunities.

3: Damghan

Distance: Approximately 230 km southeast of Sari.

Highlights: Though a longer trip, visiting Damghan can be rewarding with historical sites such as the Tarikhaneh Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Iran, and the ancient city of Hecatompylos, the former capital of the Parthian Empire.

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