Extending Your Caspian Journey Tour in Iran

The northern coasts of Iran are proof of its diversity in terms of landscape and climate. The Caspian Sea coasts stretch out over 372 miles. Orange and lemon trees, rice fields and tea plantations line the beach, flanked by mangroves and marshes. The Caspian Sea, the largest landlocked lake in the world, is located in northern Iran. The Iranian Caspian coast, including the three coastal provinces of Gilan, Golestan and Mazandaran, with its thick forests and large-scale rice paddies, presents a striking contrast to the dry inner plateau of Iran.

A four-hour drive from Tehran, the Caspian is Iran’s Riviera, with a narrow plain of paddy fields and orchards separating the sea from forested mountains where bears and leopards roam around ruined Mongol castles.

Several roads connect Tehran to the three provinces, all through breathtakingly beautiful scenery, across the mountains or alongside rivers. One of the roads from Tehran to Chalous on the Caspian coast, winding north across the rugged Alborz mountains, passes the famous ski resort at Dizin.

With their tropical climate in summer and mild winters, beautiful sandy beaches, scenic beauty and proximity to the capital, the three provinces are top-rated among Iranians as holiday and weekend resorts and attract the hordes.

Numerous holiday and residential complexes, private villas, leisure facilities and holiday homes dot the landscape.

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