Celebrate Yalda Night in Iran: A Night of Poetry, Friendship, and Culinary Delights

Years and years, people all around the world celebrate the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year and its longest night).  In Iran, we call this night Yalda.

What you will read in this article:

Why we celebrate Yalda night:

It is the longest night of the year and it means from now on the days will be longer and the darkness will be shorter. In ancient Persia (now Iran) this night was regarded as the birth night of the Sun.

How we celebrate Yalda:

Well… this night would be a gathering of family members together, especially in our elders’ house.  We can also spend the night with our friends but the custom is the same.

Hafez fortune Faal:

In Iran, we have a great poet called Hafiz or Hafez (1325 – 1390 AD).  On this night (or many other special occasions) we take his Divaan (the collection of his poems), close our eyes, and open one page randomly. It is believed that the poem that we see tells our fortune; we call this: “Faal Gereftan”.
You are very welcome to visit his beautiful Tomb in Shiraz and even see what is your Faal (fortune) according to Hafez’s poems.

Celebrate Yalda Night in Iran

But this night is not only about poetry. It is a celebration full of delicious fruits and nuts. An Iranian person would not spend Yalda night without eating those special foods.
Yalda has its special fruits; the two most important ones are pomegranate and especially watermelon.

Tonight (21 December) is the last night of autumn in Iran and also Yalda night. Our staff at incredibleiran.com, wish you a happy Yalda Night and hope to be your host here in Iran next Yalda.

No matter which tour you have chosen and in which city of Iran you are next December 21, we offer you to spend Yalda night with Iranian family or friends and share in their ancient customs.

Hope to be your host next December 21, in Yalda, a night full of poetry, chatting, and eating.

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