Discover Turkmen Sahra: An Oasis of Diversity

Journey to the Turkmen Sahra, a captivating blend of historical treasures and natural wonders. Nestled in the Golestan province, this destination offers everything from architectural marvels like the Gonbad-e Qabus to the serene beauty of the Kaboudwal waterfall. Amidst its expansive plains, rare bird species find solace in its diverse wetlands. Here, history, culture, and nature intertwine, offering travelers an enriching experience and promising memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're a history buff or a nature lover, the Turkmen Sahra welcomes you to a world where the past and the present harmoniously coexist.

The Turkmen Sahra is one of Iran’s most beautiful natural areas, located in Golestan province, renowned for its lush beauty. Named after the Turkmen people of Iran who reside there, the Sahra has numerous tourist and natural attractions. Among these are the Gonbad-e Qabus, the 19th-century Red Tower, and the Khalid Nabi Cemetery. This area is more than just a desert; it encompasses mountains, forests, grasslands, and numerous plateaus. It’s one of Iran’s most astonishing natural wonders since one can observe all geographical features coexisting side by side. The length of the Turkmen Sahra is approximately 00 kilometers with varying widths.

Ancient pottery discovered in the region indicates the presence of an ancient civilization dating back possibly to 7,000 years ago. Interestingly, the area also houses the enormous defensive wall of the Muslims, known by various names like “Qizil Alan,” “The Great Wall of Gorgan,” “Red Wall,” “Red Snake,” “Alexander’s Wall,” “Anushirvan’s Dam,” and “Firuz’s Dam.” However, what truly makes this region stand out are not its historical relics but its pristine nature and richly diverse wetlands, which are home to rare migrating bird species. This makes the Turkmen Sahra ecologically and globally significant.

The Kaboudwal waterfall, another natural attraction of Iran and Turkmen Sahra, flows amidst the Hyrcanian forests of Golestan, originating from the Alborz mountains. It’s a sight that lures every visitor. The Turkmen Sahra can be considered the most extensive plain of the Caspian Sea in northeastern Iran. It prospered with the migration of Turkmen people and adopted its name from them. This beautiful and fertile plain was formed due to the receding of the Caspian Sea in ancient times and is influenced by rivers like the Atrak and Gorgan. Turkmen Sahra is a significant underground water source in Iran, characterized by its vast, smooth pastures with only a few sandy hills and no rugged terrains.