Haigar Gorge Expedition: Discovering Iran's Grand Canyon

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure in Iran's Grand Canyon, where natural wonders and the tranquility of Haigar Gorge will surround you.

In this adventure, we will explore the Haigar Gorge, located approximately 30 kilometers from Firoozabad in Fars Province. Haigar is renowned as Iran’s Grand Canyon, with an impressive height of about 450 meters. This breathtaking gorge has formed over millions of years due to water erosion. Its towering walls, a river flowing at the bottom, the soothing sound of birds, and the tranquility of the surroundings create an ideal environment for a memorable nature exploration.

You don’t need to be an athlete to embark on this jodon’t through Haigar Gorge. We will take a leisurely hike, and participants with moderate physical fitness can join. Along the way, we’ll discuss the local flora and fauna, marvel at the captivating views, and enjoy meditation by the river. As we hike, you’ll notice the nomadic Qashqai tents perched high above us on the cliffs, which adds a unique and fascinating dimension to the experience.

Here’s what our adventure in Haigar Gorge will include:

Leisurely Hike in the Gorge:

We’ll take a light hike through Haigar Gorge, appreciating its stunning geological features.

Appreciating the Scenic Beauty:

We’ll enjoy the picturesque views created by the rock formations and trees.

Listening to Silence and Birdsong:

We’ll immerse ourselves in the tranquil sounds of nature and meditate by the river.

Learning About the Local Flora and Fauna:

We’ll discuss the local plant and animal life in the gorge.

Discovering the Nomadic Lifestyle:

We’ll learn about the nomadic Qashqai people and their unique way of life, visible above us on the cliffs.