Harvesting and Crafting Herbal Tinctures

This experience offers a connection with nature and an opportunity to delve into the traditional knowledge of herbal medicine. We look forward to sharing this enriching journey with you.

Thanks to its humid climate and fertile soil, Tonekabon is considered a hub for herbal plants in Iran. Many of these herbs grow wild and are not cultivated beforehand. Their untamed nature gives them unique flavors, scents, and properties that set them apart from conventionally grown and manipulated herbs using chemical fertilizers. In this enriching experience, we will explore the beautiful natural surroundings of Tonekabon, picking herbal plants according to the season. Later, we’ll bring the harvested herbs to a workshop where you will become acquainted with the traditional method of making herbal tinctures.

Together, we’ll engage in the same practice that the people of Mazandaran have been performing for centuries, using these herbs as a means of prevention against various illnesses we face today. The specific herbal varieties available in the season of your visit may vary. It could be chamomile and bitter orange blossoms, cowslip, borage, pennyroyal, or mountain mint – a natural gift we will collect from the region’s beautiful landscape.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this herbal adventure:

Exploring a Tonekabon Retreat:

We’ll journey to one of Tonekabon’s pristine locales, savoring the beauty of nature.

Harvesting Medicinal Herbs:

Depending on the season, we will gather medicinal herbs such as cowslip, chamomile, pennyroyal, and more.

Herbal Workshop:

We’ll take our harvested herbs to a workshop where you will learn the traditional method of making herbal tinctures.

Learning About Medicinal Herbs:

You will become familiar with various regional medicinal herbs and traditional tinctures.