Forest Hike: Javaherdeh to Ramsar Cable Car Adventure

Discover the Hyrcanian forests with a captivating hike from Javaherdeh to the Ramsar cable car station. Enjoy scenic beauty, nature encounters, and cultural immersion during this three-hour adventure.

The Hyrcanian forests in the northern region of Iran are renowned for their breathtaking beauty. However, among all the natural attractions in this area, Ramsar and Javaherdeh stand out as particularly prominent. In this exciting experience, we will embark on one of the most captivating forest paths from Javaherdeh to Siarsi farm, then proceed to Ramsar. The first leg of our journey involves a car ride to Siarsi, where we can expect to encounter all sorts of wonders – from horses grazing freely in nature to clouds that hover above us and beneath our feet. Depending on the season, we might even have the chance to meet local shepherds and beekeepers who frequent Siarsi’s path. This presents an opportunity for us to socialize with natives and participate in unique local experiences such as milk-milking.

After a brief respite at Siarsi, we will hike towards the Ramsar cable car station. While you don’t need to be an athlete to navigate this scenic route, average physical strength is necessary. During our three-hour walk, we will discuss various plant species along the path and marvel at the beautiful birds that cross our path. If timing permits, we may pick some marigolds or oregano – popular local plants – and take them home for drying.

Our adventure culminates when we arrive at the Ramsar cable car station and board it for a return trip back into town. This incredible journey is not just an opportunity to bask in nature’s glory but also a chance to immerse ourselves in local culture and traditions while enjoying some light exercise along the way!