Rural Life & Animal Husbandry in Hyrcanian Forests

This immersive experience is a true treasure trove of cultural richness, providing an opportunity to embrace rural life, learn valuable skills, and savor the simple yet profound joys of village living. Thank you for extending this invitation to explore My grandparents' world.

Let’s dive deeper into the rich tapestry of activities and stories that await us while visiting our grandparents’ traditional village home.

Milking Cows and Sheep:

Our adventure begins as we accompany my grandmother to prepare food for the cows and sheep. The evening milking ritual is a chore and a time-honored practice with fascinating tricks and techniques that My grandfather will generously share. For those willing, trying our hand at milking alongside My grandfather promises to be a memorable experience.

Meeting the Feathered Residents:

As we move from the barn to the outdoor area, we encounter charming characters – the chickens, roosters, turkeys, and geese, each with distinct personalities and amusing stories. My grandmother’s anecdotes about these feathered friends will undoubtedly warm our hearts and deepen our appreciation for their role in rural life.

Saddle Up for a Horseback Ride:

The opportunity to ride horses under the guidance of My grandfather is an exciting prospect. Learning the art of horse riding in a picturesque rural setting is a true privilege, and we’ll gain an understanding of the bond between humans and these majestic creatures.

Baking Bread with Grandma:

Next, we join My grandmother in preparing the oven for bread-making. The art of baking traditional bread is a skill passed down through generations, and we’ll have the chance to participate in the process, creating delicious, warm loaves to savor later.

Exploring the Hyrcanian Forest:

If the season is correct, we venture into the heart of the Hyrcanian forests, discovering the mesmerizing terraced paddy fields and perhaps even lending a hand in agricultural tasks. This immersive experience allows us to connect with the land and understand the importance of farming in this environment.

Beekeeping and Honey Harvest:

If our visit aligns with the honey season, we delve into the world of beekeeping in the Hyrcanian forests. We learn about the delicate art of tending to beehives and the significance of honey production in the region.

Feasting on Local Delicacies:

Finally, the highlight of our journey arrives as we gather for a communal meal. Sitting together, we enjoy the fruits of our labor, relishing the dairy products, honey, and freshly baked bread, all complemented by the warmth of charcoal tea. This shared meal satiates our hunger and nourishes our souls, fostering a deep connection with the land, its people, and their traditions.