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Masuleh Village

The beautiful, terraced village of Masuleh (Masuleh) is located near the city of Fuman in Gilan Province. Masuleh is one of the oldest settlements in northern Iran and is listed among the tourist-targeted villages in Iran. Historical documents state that around a thousand years ago, people migrated to this area from various places for unknown reasons and continued their lives. This village, situated near the Masuleh River and covered with beautiful forests of beech, alder, oak, hornbeam, and field maple trees, enjoys a suitable climate. Therefore, Masuleh is considered a great tourist spot for visitors in both the summer and winter seasons.

The village is known for its stair-stepped houses and balconies adorned with colorful geraniums and flowers, untouched forests, clean air, roaring waterfalls, and tall mountains. The very pleasant weather, warm and hospitable people, high-quality foods, and dreamlike environment in Masuleh, Gilan, are so appealing that they will repeatedly attract you to visit.

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