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Qeysarieh Bazaar in Isfahan

Qeysarieh Bazaar, one of Iran’s most famous historical markets and a tourist attraction in Isfahan, is also known as the Royal Market. Starting from the Qeysarieh entrance, it leads to the Chitsazha Market and ends at Dar al-Shifa Market. Qeysarieh Bazaar is a well-known center for handicrafts. It was one of the largest and most splendid shopping centers during the Safavid era. The covered bazaar of Isfahan stretches several kilometers, with each section producing and selling its special products. The Grand Bazaar of Isfahan, of which Qeysarieh is a part, had various entrances.

Qeysarieh Bazaar is considered one of the largest and most magnificent markets in Isfahan. The market’s corridor is built on two elevated floors, where the upper floor was dedicated to office and commercial activities, and the lower floor housed various guilds’ shops. Several other markets branched off from this grand and luxurious market, some of which are still active and dedicated to various professions.

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