Isfahan is known for its rich history and beauty, attracting tourists worldwide. With numerous historical sites and architectural wonders, planning a trip to see them all can be challenging. Some famous landmarks in Isfahan include Minar Jomban, Si-o-Se-Pol Bridge, Khaju Bridge, Chehel Sotoun Palace, and Ali Qapu Palace. If you’re planning a visit to this famous city, Maah BiBi Traditional Residence is an excellent option for accommodation.
Maah BiBi is a Pahlavi-era house with 28 beds, featuring six rooms and two separate dormitories for men and women. Each room has a different number of beds, allowing you to choose based on the number of guests at your party. The residence offers amenities such as internet access, laundry facilities, lobby internet, parking, a meeting room, taxi service, and a café.
If you have an affinity for Pahlavi-era architectural style, this residence will surely appeal to you. Its courtyard is serene and picturesque, providing a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation. Maah BiBi Traditional Residence is conveniently located near most of the city’s attractions, making it easy to explore Isfahan.
If, like most travelers to Isfahan, you plan to start sightseeing from Naqsh-e Jahan Square, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s only a four-minute drive from this accommodation. Naqsh-e Jahan Square is the world’s second-largest square and a remarkable sight. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Shah Mosque (Imam Mosque), Qeisariyeh Bazaar, and Ali Qapu Palace are historical sites on this beautiful square.
Many associate Isfahan with the famous Si-o-Se-Pol Bridge, which spans the Zayanderud River with its exquisite and traditional architecture. The distance from Maah BiBi to Si-o-Se-Pol Bridge by car is approximately 6 minutes.