The traditional Sarhang Palace Hotel in Isfahan is a historic property dating back 350 years to the Safavid era. After four years of meticulous restoration efforts by the Mohammadi family, it has been reopened as the Boutique Sarhang Palace Hotel in Chaharbagh Payin. This charming establishment features 21 rooms with a total capacity of 50 beds, a reception hall, a café, and more.
During the renovation and reconstruction process, 30 skilled artists specialized in various crafts such as woodworking, marquetry, painting, gypsum work, and stonemasonry contributed their expertise. The result is a harmonious blend of modern amenities within an authentic Iranian setting, allowing guests to experience the ambiance of ancient Iranian homes and traditions.
The Sarhang Palace Hotel offers a tranquil environment for guests to unwind and explore Isfahan’s rich heritage. It is a beautiful choice for travelers seeking a unique and culturally immersive stay in this historic city.