The historical house of Monouchehri which is located in the old texture of Kashan city is one of the unique valuable symbols of Iranian traditional architecture. This house has kept its traditional architecture while providing old and new house furniture for the travelers.


You will feel the difference as you enter this house, and managers welcome you with a cold Iranian drink. This beautiful place contains all aspects of a traditional house besides the most modern equipment which has given the place a unique atmosphere. This house is comprised of nine accommodating rooms which has it own spectacular decoration. These rooms are constructed all around the courtyard. From among the specific attractions of this house we can refer to the traditional reservoir which is now utilized as a small opera house, textile producing workhouse in which a few old masters with their rare art are working, handcraft selling store from which you can get crafts made by the art of people in this region as souvenirs, or we can refer to the traditional beautiful decorations  of this house in front of which you can’t refuse taking memorial picture and have this amazing house stuck in your mind eternally.



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