Our ecolodge is nestled in the heart of Kashan, offering a serene and authentic environment for your stay. Located in a peaceful neighborhood, our lodge provides a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.
We understand the importance of security and have installed CCTV cameras in the outdoor premises and courtyard to ensure your safety and peace of mind during your stay.
Accessibility to our lodge is a breeze as it is conveniently situated on an asphalt road. You’ll also enjoy excellent mobile network coverage, with strong signals for Hamrah-e-Aval, Irancell, and RighTel, ensuring you stay connected with loved ones.
We take your comfort seriously and meticulously clean and prepare the lodge before arrival. Essential hygiene items such as paper towels, hand soap, and dishwashing liquid are readily available. Additionally, we provide basic kitchenware, including pots, pans, and more, so you can prepare your meals if desired.

Lodge Description and Unit Details

Our lodge boasts a unique architectural style featuring three separate entrances. Notably, our accommodations are wheelchair- and child-friendly, making them suitable for guests of all ages and abilities. For those who prefer to avoid stairs, our lodge is conveniently located on the ground floor, eliminating the need to climb steps.

Shared Amenities at Our Lodge

Our ecolodge offers a communal kitchen and courtyard for guests to enjoy. Whether you want to cook a delicious meal or relax in the open air, our shared facilities are designed to enhance your overall experience.
At our lodge, we prioritize your comfort, security, and convenience, ensuring your stay in Kashan is memorable. We look forward to welcoming you to our ecolodge and providing you with a tranquil and authentic Kashani experience.