TishinTraditional Rural Stay is a charming accommodation in the beautiful Gilan province of Iran. The property boasts seven master rooms, each designed with authentic Gilani architecture and constructed entirely from wood. While the rooms are equipped with split cooling and heating systems (spilled A/C), fans are used for cooling due to occasional power fluctuations.
Description of the Accommodation and Units: This rural stay provides a unique and authentic experience with its traditional Gilani wooden architecture. The property features a spacious courtyard with an exclusive, uncovered parking area accommodating eight to ten vehicles.
Please note that the property’s design includes wooden stairs and balconies in both structures. If you plan to stay with children under seven years old, extra care is expected to ensure their safety, given the architectural characteristics.
The neighborhood is rural, with a 70-meter earth road leading to the end of the rustic stay area. It’s important to note that the property is on the second floor and includes 14 steps. Guests with elderly individuals, children, or persons with disabilities should consider this when booking.
Tishin Ecolodge offers a tranquil escape to experience the beauty and culture of Gilan province, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an authentic rural getaway.