Experiencing a journey to one of the world’s oldest cities and staying in a rustic, traditional, and nomadic-style accommodation in Iran’s heartland will undoubtedly become one of the most unique experiences of your life. You can easily make this experience a reality by choosing the Izadmehr Traditional Residence as your destination. To reach this quaint haven, venture beyond Shiraz’s provincial borders and enter the ancient land of Fars, where the city of Izadkhast beckons you with its rich history. Once you arrive in Izadkhast, locals can provide you with the exact address of this charming abode.
Izadmehr Traditional Residence is nestled right in the heart of this ancient city, offering an entirely traditional and nostalgic atmosphere, promising to transport you to a bygone era. Here, you won’t just savor the sweet taste of a carefree life but also enjoy desirable modern amenities. This traditional residence spares no effort to ensure your comfort and convenience. Each room has a refrigerator, bathroom facilities, Western and Iranian-style toilets, and comfortable sleeping mats.
Additionally, Izadmehr Traditional Residence features eight separate rooms and a complimentary breakfast service, making your stay in this historic town even more enjoyable. Beyond the charms of the residence itself, you’ll find the historical attractions of Izadkhast conveniently located nearby. This ancient city, situated in the southeast corner, is home to several notable historical sites near the Izadmehr Traditional Residence.
For instance, the residence overlooks the impressive Izadkhast Castle, the most prominent historical monument in this city. This fortress suddenly appears before you, showcasing the region’s grandeur and historical significance. However, the beauty of Izadkhast is not limited to its castle alone. The Shah Abbasi Caravanserai and Safavid Bridge, which gracefully spans the Izadkhast River, are also nestled near this residence. Therefore, we recommend that you alter your route towards Shiraz to explore Izadkhast and relish the experience of staying at Izadmehr Traditional Residence, where history and modern comfort intertwine seamlessly.