Nestled on Karim Khan-e Zand Street in the heart of Shiraz, the Mahmonir Traditional Residence offers an authentic and convenient stay. This ground-floor unit ensures easy accessibility for all guests.

Historic Street and Easy Access:

The residence is strategically located on Karim Khan-e Zand Street, providing guests with effortless access to the city’s most renowned tourist attractions. This historic street is lined with cultural gems waiting to be explored.

Shared Amenities:

The MahmonirTraditional Residence offers shared amenities, including a charming courtyard where guests can unwind and savor the peaceful ambiance. Additionally, there is an on-site restaurant and café, perfect for enjoying delicious meals and beverages in a convivial atmosphere.

Smoking-Friendly Spaces:

For those who enjoy smoking, designated areas in the courtyard and shared spaces are available for your convenience. These areas provide a relaxed setting for indulging in your preferred pastime while respecting the comfort of other guests.

Whether you’re seeking a central location in Shiraz, the charm of a historic street, or the convenience of shared amenities, the Mahmonir Traditional Residence caters to your needs and promises an enjoyable stay.