Shiraz Hotel is one of the largest and most famous hotels in Shiraz. It is located in the northern part of the city, at the foothills of the Shiraz Mountains. This hotel has 13 floors and 158 accommodation units. One of its outstanding features is its revolving restaurant, the largest revolving restaurant in Iran, which offers a panoramic view of Shiraz from the top of the building. This combination of facilities, stunning views, and an excellent geographical location makes Shiraz Hotel one of the best hotels in Iran.

General Facilities of Shiraz Hotel

Shiraz Hotel offers a range of facilities and services, including in-room amenities such as a telephone, clothes hanger, writing desk, refrigerator, drawer, room service, in-room safe, minibar, closet, furniture, tea maker, breakfast, bathroom, and toilet. Other facilities and services at this hotel include baggage handling, a fitness center, a gaming center, a children’s playroom, medical services, round-trip transfers, ticket booking services, a photography studio, a children’s playground, tour services, a prayer room, a shop, a café, an indoor pool, a restaurant, special event services, a beauty salon, a shopping center, a café-net, green spaces, taxi services, a massage salon, and a currency exchange. Additionally, the hotel provides high-speed and unlimited internet access to its guests.

Special Facilities at Shiraz Hotel

The hotel’s restaurant, with a capacity of 360 people and its unique setting, is one of the most attractive places in the hotel. The restaurant is located on the hotel’s rooftop and is designed in a revolving style, providing a breathtaking view of Shiraz from above. The hotel also features a parking area with a capacity for 600 cars, a large and well-equipped swimming pool, and unlimited internet access. It’s important to note that many of these facilities are offered to hotel guests free of charge.