This ecotourism lodge is located in a 500-meter area in Chaharmanar. Basic amenities and equipment are provided in the lodge’s kitchen. The sleeping accommodations consist of traditional bedding and beds. Complimentary breakfast is served to guests. The neighborhood has a historical texture, and the access road to the lodge is paved. The mobile network reception for IranCell, RighTel, and Hamrahe-Aval is excellent. The lodge is thoroughly cleaned before guest arrival. It is a 2-minute walk to the bakery, a 5-minute walk to Dolatabad Garden, a 5-minute drive to Amir Chakhmagh Square, a 7-minute drive to the Grand Mosque, and a 2-minute drive to the gas station. The lodge provides a hygiene kit consisting of paper towels, tissues, a towel, a blanket, and a pillowcase. The lodge offers 24-hour reception.

Lodge and Unit Space Description

The use of the lodge’s kitchen includes shared access to a refrigerator, gas stove, and washing machine. Extra medical mattresses are provided upon request. The rooms do not have en-suite bathrooms.

Shared Lodge Facilities

All units have shared restrooms, bathrooms, and a lodge courtyard. The Karakal team is committed to preserving the authenticity of this 120-year-old Qajar and Pahlavi-era building and adheres to the original building plan. Restrooms and bathrooms are inside the central courtyard, ensuring they are hygienic, clean, and well-maintained.