Rostam Traditional Lodge is a 100-year-old, 320-square-meter historic house in Elah Abad Zarach in Yazd. The restoration of Rostam House, carried out by the descendants of its original builders, began in 2012 and was officially opened as a traditional eco-lodge in 2014.
To enter the Rostam Traditional Lodge, you first pass through its double wooden doors, which open into an octagonal vestibule with traditional furnishings, reflecting the house’s age and authenticity. Beyond the entrance, you’ll find a long hallway with one room, a restroom, and a kitchen. At the end of the hallway, numerous antique potted plants guide you to the central courtyard of Rostam House. The yard features a main garden surrounded by four rooms with wooden doors between mud-brick walls, showcasing the house’s historical and authentic charm.
Rostam Traditional Lodge offers five entirely traditional rooms, each named after one of the five sons of the house’s original builder: Morvarid, Bahram, Khodabakhsh, Mehraban, and Houshmand. In addition to experiencing the ambiance of the past, guests at Rostam Traditional Lodge can enjoy a variety of Zoroastrian specialty foods and pastries.
This accommodation includes a shared bathroom and toilet (Iranian and Western-style).