Welcome to Shahrzad, a historical gem dating back to the Ilkhanid period. Nestled in the heart of Yazd, Shahrzad is a rare architectural masterpiece, boasting a four-sided courtyard layout characteristic of this era. This adobe wonder blends seamlessly with traditional Iranian architecture, offering modern and well-equipped rooms to cater to our esteemed guests.
One of the standout features of Shahrzad Eco-Lodge is its exceptional location. Situated near the historic Ab-Anbar-e Rustam Giv water reservoir and Amir Chakhmaq Square, you can explore these historical landmarks within a few minutes walk. For instance, the beautiful Amir Chakhmaq Square, encompassing the water reservoir, Tekiyeh (a place for mourning ceremonies), and a mosque, is just a 15-minute stroll away.
Among the other tourist attractions in Yazd are the Jameh Mosque, Dolat Abad Garden, House of Lari, and the Zoroastrian Museum. Accessing these sites may require a short drive or a personal vehicle. For example, the Jameh Mosque, an architectural marvel built as an iwan in the heart of the desert, is a 10-minute drive away, showcasing its unique beauty.

Description of Accommodation and Units

Shahrzad Eco-Lodge is nestled within the urban and historical fabric of Yazd. This 600-year-old establishment boasts a 385-square-meter plot with a 350-square-meter building spread over two floors. It offers nine charming guest rooms, each designed with traditional furnishings and decor that enhance the overall ambiance, making your stay all the more delightful.

Every room is available for rent, tailored to accommodate various guests while providing all the necessary amenities and comforts. With Shahrzad, you’ll experience the magic of living within a historical masterpiece while enjoying modern conveniences.