Unfortunately, many European and American insurance companies are out of touch about insuring travelers who wish to visit Iran. Usually, the premium to visit Iran is decided on the top floor of a skyscraper in London or New York, where the primary decision factor is the Foreign Secretary’s advice on traveling to Iran. Even people who don’t travel often know that this advice is based on political relations and has nothing to do with the people of that country or the real risks of traveling there. To prove my point, please see some advice other countries give about traveling to your country and how ridiculous and out of touch they are.

Iran Travel Insurance

Iran is no exception; travelers are charged hundreds of Dollars, euros, or Pounds for a two-week trip to Iran. A quick search on Google will show you thousands of posts on different travel forums where people who traveled to Iran testify what a hospitable and safe country Iran is.

That being said, we also believe in the importance of travel insurance as a safety net. We don’t think you should pay much for it when the risk is shallow.

Here at incredibleiran.com, we have contracts with leading Insurance companies in Iran. We have made everything clear, even the policy’s title. It is called “Travel Insurance for foreign visitors to Iran.” The approach differs from your local insurer’s London or New York policy. It covers theft, medical insurance, repatriation, etc.

Depending on your age and the duration of your stay, the premium can vary from 30 to 100 US dollars, but it is not more than that. This includes handling fees (foreign bank accounts, etc), postal fees for a registered delivery of the original policy document to your address anywhere before your travel, and all government taxes.

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