Iran's Scenic Routes: A Journey through Nature's Contrasts

Road trips form an essential part of any journey in a personal vehicle. Even if you're traveling by bus or as part of a tour, domestically or internationally, prepare yourself for hours on the road. Despite how much today's youth enjoy road-tripping, some streets can also amaze older people and those not particularly fond of road journeys. While many of Iran's streets have been designed without any picturesque natural views, some offer glimpses of paradise or, due to their many dangerous twists and turns, can provide an exhilarating experience. Other roads have multiple appealing features, making them more renowned among Iran's highways. Join us as we introduce the "Most Attractive Roads in Iran for Road Tripping."
Why is Chalus Road famous among travelers?

Chalus Road, one of the most picturesque roads in Iran, traverses the Alborz mountain range, offering stunning views of the landscape. It is especially popular for its dramatic mountainous terrain and the beautiful scenery that includes dense forests and river vistas. The road is a favorite during the Nowruz holiday due to its route connecting Tehran to the Caspian Sea.

The Asalem to Khalkhal Road is renowned for its breathtakingly lush landscapes. This route winds through dense forest areas of Gilan and offers panoramic views of the northern forests, making it a perfect trip for nature lovers.

The Ardabil to Astara road stretches from the highlands of Ardabil down to the Caspian Sea coast at Astara. The route offers diverse landscapes, from arid mountains to lush greenery closer to the sea, providing road trippers with a unique opportunity to experience the variety of Iran’s natural beauty.

 For those seeking adventure, the road from Shahroud to Gorgan through the Alborz mountains is thrilling. Known for its sharp turns and steep inclines, this road challenges even seasoned drivers and offers spectacular views of the rugged terrain.

While roads like Chalus and Asalem to Khalkhal are well-maintained and suitable for most vehicles, some routes may require vehicles with higher clearance or four-wheel drive, especially those traversing mountainous or rural areas. Always check local travel advisories and prepare your vehicle accordingly.

Spring (March to May) and early autumn (September to November) are ideal for road trips in Iran due to the mild weather and the natural beauty of the landscapes in full bloom or in the midst of seasonal change. Summer trips can be enjoyable too, but some areas might be very hot.

Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained and equipped with necessary emergency supplies such as a spare tire, first aid kit, and sufficient water. Since some routes can be remote, inform someone of your travel plans and expected return, and check in regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions: Road Tripping Through Iran's Unique Destinations

What you will read in this article:

Abbas Abad to Kelardasht Road

If you are fond of leisure and travel, it’s nearly impossible not to have heard of the dreamy road from Abbas Abad to Kelardasht. This 30-kilometer road passes through the Hyrcanian forests in western Mazandaran, accessible via the Chalus and Marzan Abad roads and, on the other side, from Abbas Abad. With its numerous twists and turns due to the mountainous region, the Abbas Abad road gains altitude and then loses it as it descends from the high points.

Ardabil to Astara Road

Astara is one of the greenest spots in Iran, and the Ardabil province, due to its proximity to the northern areas, is one of the best places in the northwest. The Hyran Gorge is a famous spot amidst this heavenly road, turning into one of the most beautiful places in Iran. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit this beautiful 80-kilometer road. In the spring, you can experience a real glimpse of paradise, while in autumn, you’ll witness the most romantic spots in Iran.

Asalem to Khalkhal Road

Another dreamy road that begins in Gilan province and concludes in the green areas of Ardabil province. In its early sections, you can witness dense forests such that even sunlight barely pierces through the canopy, while in other parts, you’ll see vast, open green fields showcasing a rich and gifted mountainous life. The 70-kilometer Asalem to Khalkhal road passes through beautiful northern villages, wooden cabins, lakes, waterfalls, and the pastures of the north country.

Shahroud to Gorgan Road

This 130-kilometer road is one of the most popular routes in northeastern Iran. Along this path, you will pass through the Toskestan forests and the protected area of Jahan Nama. In the autumn, the Toskestan forest transforms into one of Iran’s most dreamy regions. Trees intertwined in shades of green, yellow, orange, and red create an extraordinary landscape comparable to the road from Astara to Ardabil. Along the way, you can observe pastoral areas and village life amidst lush landscapes. The famous village of Ziarat is also located on this road.

Chalus Road

The Chalus Road is one of the most beautiful routes from the Alborz province towards Mazandaran. Still, unfortunately, due to heavy traffic in recent years, much of its beauty has been overshadowed by travelers’ fatigue. This road, one of the longest attractive routes in the country, has numerous amenities. It may have lost some untouched charm, but if you venture onto its side roads, you’ll encounter many breathtaking attractions.

Jungle Road from Tonekabon to Dohezar

Tonekabon is located in Mazandaran province, and the Dohezar forests are among the beautiful northern forests with endless wonders. This forest is a pristine area in Mazandaran, offering a beautiful view of the Caspian Sea and a river accompanying you throughout. There are also numerous paths ideal for hiking within the Dohezar forests.

Saravan to Fuman Road

This beautiful road is located in Gilan province. While the Saravan road may not be as densely forested as the others, it exudes a unique tranquility throughout its course that’s sure to captivate you. On this route, you can witness expansive green plains, forest lakes, rivers, forests, and even the rural heritage museum of Gilan province. The road is 45 kilometers long, making access to Rasht city more convenient. It’s best to visit this area in spring to appreciate its verdant fields fully.

Siahkal to Deylaman Road

As far as the eye can see, there’s only lush greenery and vitality. Only an experienced psychologist could elucidate how much green can soothe the human soul and mind. Visit this area in May to see a spectrum of green hues painting the landscape. The summer may bring the discomfort of high temperatures, but the higher altitudes still offer cool and pleasant weather. If you venture into the forests, you can see yellow and red flowers blossoming amidst the green fields. Like many other roads in Gilan province, you can encounter waterfalls, lakes, and numerous attractions within these forests.

Hajij Road to Oramanat Takht

If you’re interested in geography, you’ve probably heard of the village of Hajij in Kermanshah province and the city of Paveh. A mountainous road leads from this village towards the town of Oraman in Kurdistan province, located precisely at the border point. The beauty of this road is so immense that it looks like a painting crafted by a tasteful artist. You must be a professional driver to travel to Oramanat Takht. Not everyone has the courage and audacity to drive on long slopes, narrow roads, and the bustling twists and turns of this area, and at the same time, enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Shahdad Road to Nehbandan

You can’t expect all the country’s roads to have lush and beautiful nature. Desert roads can also be among the most attractive streets in the country. Today, many young people are more interested in desert tours than wandering in the dense forests of the north! The road from Shahdad to Nehbandan, which also provides access to Zahedan, Mashhad, and Birjand, is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran due to its desert nature.

Tabas Road to Khor Biabanak

This option is also ideal for today’s youth. Around sunset, you can witness cars passing through a clear sea. How? This phenomenon is due to the salinity of the region, which, through the reflection of sunlight, creates such an illusionary scene.

Attractive Roads in Iran

If you have experienced all of the above options and are looking for a newer experience, do not miss the following routes:

  • Haraz Road
  • Ghouchan to Dargaz Road
  • Filband Village Road
  • Shahrekord to Izeh Road
  • Shiraz to Kazeroon Road
  • Aras Jolfa Border Road
  • Semirom to Yasuj Road
  • Kalaleh to Khalid Nabi Road
  • Ramsar to Javaherdeh Road
  • Chabahar to Bandar Gowater Road
  • Breeze Coastal Road in Chabahar
  • Parsian to Bandar Moqam (Bostanu) Road
  • Gorgan to Bojnord Road that passes through the Golestan Forest