Iran's straits are the ideal places for adventure and nature tourism.

Straits, also known as narrows, are waterways connecting two large bodies of water, thereby separating two vast lands. While some straits are ideal for adventure and nature tourism, others have strategic positions and serve as international waterways. Like many other natural phenomena, straits can be found throughout Iran and attract many tourists. Their beautiful nature, river views, and thrilling activities are some of the reasons that encourage tourists to visit these areas. In this article, we intend to discuss a few of these natural straits so that you, dear readers, can plan a memorable and thrilling trip.

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Lili Strait

Lili Strait is an untouched natural attraction located 20 kilometers from Dorood. To reach this strait, head from Dorood towards Sireh Sofla village and Chamenar village, as Lili is between these two villages. The depth and abundant water in Lili Strait make it a perfect spot for diving and swimming.

Vashi Strait

One of Iran’s most famous natural straits is the Vashi or Savashi Strait near Firoozkooh. On most days of the year, hot days, this area is filled with tourists visiting for nature tourism and adventure. To get to Savashi Strait, head towards the Tehran-Firoozkooh road, and after entering one of the entrances on the right side of the road, pass through a village named Jalizjand. After the town, you’ll see a roaring river. You must enter and accompany the river waves to reach Vashi Strait. Upon reaching the Savashi Strait, please pay close attention to its walls as you’ll witness rock carvings dating back 180 years, depicting hunting scenes of Fath Ali Shah Qajar. Please ensure you have extra clothes and appropriate footwear for entering the river during your trip.

Where is Tamaradi Strait?

To see Tamaradi Strait, you must travel to the land of waterfalls in Iran. One of the most mesmerizing attractions in Yasuj is the Tamaradi Strait, located 50 kilometers west of this city. On your way to this strait, you can enjoy breathtaking natural views, caves, mountains, rivers, and numerous springs, making you lose track of time for hours.

Tang-e Dom-e Asb (Horse Tail Gorge)

Located 50 kilometers from Shiraz, there is a village called Kareh Bas, where the Tang-e Dom-e Asb is situated. To reach this gorge, you must pass through a pristine and scenic route surrounded by oak trees, towering mountains, and lush shrubs. The Tang-e Dom-e Asb is like a piece of paradise in this region.

Tang-e Chahkooh (Chahkooh Gorge)

The beautiful Qeshm Island, renowned for its unique features, has become one of the tourists’ favorite spots. Amid the Persian Gulf coastlines, scenic islands, peculiar caves, and wildlife parks, Tang-e Chahkooh is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the island. Chahkooh is located 90 kilometers from the city of Qeshm in a village of the same name. This gorge, one of the seven wonders of Qeshm Island, consists of various natural rock formations and statues resulting from the erosion of the earth. If you’re interested in stargazing, don’t miss the opportunity to watch the stars here at night.

Tang-e Shabikhoun

Lorestan province is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Regardless of which city you travel to, all its towns offer numerous attractions for tourism and nature sightseeing. Visit Khorramabad to see one of the province’s most beautiful attractions, the Tang-e Shabikhoun, near the Makhmal Kuh. This gorge resembles a painting. Spring and summer are the best times to visit and enjoy this area.

Tang-e Ganjei

Once again, let’s head to the beautiful city of Yasuj and enjoy its natural beauty. Tang-e Ganjei is located 13 kilometers from Yasuj and is one of the city’s tourist attractions. This gorge is nestled between plane trees and a forest of oak trees. You can visit this region in any season and enjoy its multicolored nature. Surrounding the canyon, Zcanyonak and Baneh trees stand tall, and the pure atmosphere, combined with the sound of nature’s music, rejuvenates every traveler’s soul.