The Ultimate Guide to Iran's Best Beaches

Iran, often renowned for its historical sites and rich culture, is on a pensive coastline along the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. These beaches not only offer a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life but also provide a unique blend of natural beauty and local charm. From the sandy shores of Mazandaran to the pristine waters of the Persian Gulf, here's a guide to some of the most stunning beaches you shouldn't miss on your next visit to the town.

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Chabahar Beaches:

Darak Beach:

The beaches of Chabahar have many similarities with those of the Maldives, Chile, and Namibia. For example, the dry lands of Darak meet the blue waters of the sea, creating a unique intersection of desert and sea. The Darak road passes through the beautiful Martian mountains, Griyan beach, and Pezm, located 150 kilometers from Chabahar.

Beris Beach:

Another beach in this city ,Beris, is a rocky and very high area beautifully eroded over time. From Chabahar, one must travel 13 kilometers east to reach the port of Beris. This beach is located west of Chabahar on the route to Gwadar Bay.

Tiss Beach:

Chabahar also has another beautiful port named Tiss, close to the city. The view from above, especially from the Portuguese fort, is reminiscent of a beautiful postcard. Below, on Beris Beach, blue and red boats and dhows are busy fishing, providing a picturesque scene for photography or nature lovers.

Qeshm Island Beaches:

Hengam Beach:

Also known as Silver Beach, Hengam Beach is known for the bioluminescent phytoplankton it houses. When waves crash onto the shore, they mix with these luminous particles, creating a radiant glow. Hengam is located just two kilometers southeast of Qeshm Island.

Turtle Beach:

From the end of February to the end of March, Turtle Beach in Qeshm becomes a spectacle. During the egg-laying season, hundreds of Hawksbill turtles come to the beach and bury their eggs in the sand. Two months later, the baby turtles emerge from the eggs and travel towards the sea. This phenomenon has turned the beach into one of Qeshm’s attractions. This beach is located 30 kilometers south of Qeshm.

Naz Islands:

Another beautiful beach on this island is the Naz Islands, which changes its shape during tides. You can visit the islands three hours after low tide and return one hour after high tide before the islands get submerged. The Naz Islands are approximately 20 minutes away from Qeshm. From the southern road, pass the Golden Beach and the Star Valley sign to reach this area. Before going to the village of Sooza, the Naz Islands are visible.

Mofanneq Beach:

Mofanneq Beach is one of the most pristine beaches on Hormuz Island, located 40 kilometers away. Hormuz is known for its red soil. Combining this soil with the blue sea creates an astonishing color not found anywhere else in Iran. The Portuguese Fort Beach also adds to the island’s charm. The Red Beach is more popular compared to Mofanneq. Here, the soil appears in shades of red, gold, gray, and white. If you’re visiting Hormuz to witness bioluminescent phytoplankton, you should head to the Environmental Beach north of Hormuz at night. When night and sea meet, tiny stars appear on the water. Near this beach, there are also small rooms available for rent.

Beaches of Kish Island:

Hoor Cottage Beach

Choosing between the most beautiful beaches of Kish is challenging. Hoor Cottage is located in the west of Kish, which turns entirely orange at sunset. This beach has such clear water that you can see the fish, shells, and corals inside it from above.

Coral Beach

Coral Beach is located east of the island, near the Tehran Medical Sciences University. On this beach, corals, after dying, reach the shore like spongy stones. If someone likes collecting rocks and shells, Coral Beach might be a better choice.

Beaches of Bushehr:

Reyshahr Beach

Along Reyshahr Street towards the sea, you will find the most beautiful beach in Bushehr. This beach is not as pristine as other beaches around the city, but it is more famous for its ancient history of several thousand years. This historical beach is located in the south of Bushehr.

Bandar Imam Hasan Beach

This beach is also known as the “Martian Beach.” Bandar Imam Hasan Beach is located 30 kilometers south of Bandar Deylam in Bushehr province and combines sand and rock.

Benood Beach

Many might have seen Benood’s Asaluyeh Beach in the movie “Mohammad, the Messenger of God.” Its attractiveness comes from its rock caves facing the sea, and the way to its waters goes through the gaps between the rocks. This beach is located 30 kilometers from Asaluyeh in a village named Benood. In the caves of this beach, you can camp and have a good experience.

Beaches of Gilan:

Chamkhaleh Beach in Langarud

Maybe 20 years ago, Chamkhaleh could have confidently been named among Iran’s most beautiful beaches. Still, these days, due to increased travelers, it is often crowded or dirty, and it’s harder to find untouched or at least quieter spots. Chamkhaleh, located in Gilan province and the center of Langarud city, was chosen as the best beach in Gilan in 2011. However, it still can’t be overlooked and is not included in the list of 18 beautiful beaches in Iran. This village is 25 kilometers from Lahijan and 10 kilometers from Langarud.

Anzali Beach

The beauty of Anzali Beach and the main bridge of the city is attributed to its small modern cafes by the water and the boats in it. The coastal village of Bandar Anzali has a beach, restaurant, store, park, sports fields, seaside villas, and pergolas. Ghazian Bridge is the most famous bridge in the city, and walking on it during sunset is a must-do.

Astara Beach

One of the most famous beaches of Astara is “Sadaf” (Shell), which many adore due to its sand and recreational facilities for children, as well as areas set up for pitching tents. This beach is on the Astara to Talesh road and is 7 kilometers from the city center.

Beaches of Mazandaran:

Sisangan Beach

Located 35 kilometers from Nowshahr, the Sisangan Forest Park is one of the most touristy beaches in Mazandaran. At its shore, one can rent boats and jet skis, ride horses, or spread a mat under its tents and enjoy a meal. To get to this park, one must first reach Nour or Nowshahr. Thirty kilometers along the Nowshahr to Nour road, through various signboards, one can locate this coastal park.

Chapakrood Beach

Chapakrood has an 18-kilometer coastline, which is one of the most beautiful coastal lines of this city. Apart from its natural beauty, it is surrounded by football fields, volleyball courts, restaurants, green spaces, and many recreational facilities on its sandy beach, which enhance its attractiveness.

MiyanKaleh Beach

MiyanKaleh Beach is mainly known for its protected area. This beach is home to many birds and is considered one of the 12 international biosphere reserves. MiyanKaleh is located near both Ashuradeh Island and Bandar Turkmen, and it’s one of the beautiful coasts. Without permission from the Department of Environment, one cannot reach MiyanKaleh from Behshahr. Those coming from the eastern part of Mazandaran province must first go to Behshahr, and those coming from Sari should first head to Neka. From there, head towards the Zaghmar village and take the upcoming intersection to the right towards the MiyanKaleh area.