One country, and so many souvenirs!

A country with so much beauty, Iran, due to its unique climatic location, boasts a highly fertile climate and nature. This has resulted in its plants and soil being extraordinarily special and productive. These seemingly simple characteristics have given Iran's famous souvenirs a vast diversity. In each province and city, you'll encounter unique and fascinating products that are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. In this article, we have tried to acquaint you more with the specific souvenirs of Iranian cities.
What can I bring back from West Azerbaijan as a souvenir?

West Azerbaijan is known for its beautiful handmade carpets and kilims. Additionally, the region is famous for its dried fruits and nuts, particularly walnuts and raisins, which reflect the agricultural richness of the area.

Isfahan is celebrated for its Persian miniatures and handicrafts, such as intricate metalwork, hand-painted ceramics, and beautiful silver filigree jewelry. The city is also famous for its traditional sweets like Gaz (nougat) and Sohan (a saffron brittle).

Kurdistan offers beautifully woven handicrafts like shawls and traditional Kurdish hats. The region is also renowned for its honey and dairy products, reflecting its pastoral lifestyle.

Bushehr is famous for its seafood products, particularly dried shrimp and fish. Handicrafts such as woven baskets and mats made from local palm leaves are also popular souvenirs.

This region is known for its tribal handicrafts, including handwoven bags, rugs, and traditional Bakhtiari hats. The local dairy products, like cheeses made from goat and sheep milk, are also highly recommended.

Khuzestan is renowned for its dates, which are considered among the best in the world. Additionally, handicrafts such as engraved metalwork and traditional Arab garb like Abayas and Keffiyehs are unique to the area.

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Memorable Souvenirs of West Azerbaijan

Tabriz is synonymous with nuts and dried fruits. Because of their high quality, they rank among Iran’s famous souvenirs. Maragheh County has ample production of various high-quality dried fruits and nuts. This county is famous for products such as dried apricot leaves, raisins, figs, plums, and peach leaves. Iranians have always been fond of dried fruits, so the nuts from Azerbaijan are exported to all parts of Iran and abroad. It’s worth noting that the people of Tabriz are skilled confectioners and expert chefs. Among the delicious souvenirs of this city are Baqlava, Nuqa, Rahat-ul-Holkum, Qottab, Qand Pishmani, Ress, Almond candies, and others.

Other Souvenirs of West Azerbaijan

Other items you can easily find in West Azerbaijan include leather products, carpets, and rugs. Historically and even today, Tabriz’s pictorial carpets and rugs are famous and known for their durability and fine craftsmanship. In the counties of Takab and Khoy, you can find jackets and well-known fish patterns with varied designs. There are also handmade wooden crafts with delicate carvings in this province. Hari’s carpets are beautiful and durable due to their handcrafted nature. Also, in Ahar and Kalibar in East Azerbaijan, you can easily find famous Iranian souvenirs such as rugs and Jajims. In addition, East Azerbaijan is very well-known for its production of leather products and shoes, and many artisans in this province are engaged in the art of leather crafting.

Memorable Souvenirs of Isfahan

It’s hard to find an Iranian who isn’t familiar with the colorful and famous souvenirs of Isfahan. Handicrafts in Isfahan, especially during the Safavid era, flourished greatly, a trend that continues today. In this province, you can find skilled artists and master artisans who have passed down their skills through generations. One of the most attractive artworks of this city is enamel work, which, along with calligraphy, marquetry, miniature, silk fabric, wood carving, tile work, plasterwork, knotting, and latticework, are considered unique products of this city.

Interestingly, you can easily see these valuable artworks even in the city’s historical buildings. Alongside all these products and famous Iranian souvenirs easily accessible in Isfahan, you’ll encounter other paintings, such as copper vessels, tile making, and engraving, noted in this province. The city of Isfahan also has many delicious treats. Among them are Gaz, Nabat, rose water from Qamsar, Pulaski, honey from Fereydunshahr, honey Sohan, and so forth.

Special Souvenirs from Kurdistan

Kurdistan is a treasure trove of famous Iranian souvenirs. Kurdistan’s warm-hearted and hospitable people, along with its beautiful and lush nature, attract numerous travelers and tourists every year. In this province, as in most parts of the country, you can encounter renowned handicrafts such as carpets, rugs, jajims, and felt, which are unique. The people of Kurdistan are also highly skilled in producing wooden artifacts, with the region making high-quality backgammon and chess sets. Additionally, locals demonstrate exceptional skills in creating delicate crafts, musical instruments, and jewelry. Notably, the city of Bijar is recognized for its unique rug products that can be found domestically and abroad.

Alongside the invaluable handicrafts of the province, the people of Kurdistan are also famous for their tasty and delightful pastries. Sweets like roasted almonds, sesame pastries, and Baresaq bread, mainly produced in Bijar and Sakiz gum, are among the province’s most popular edibles and Iran’s famous souvenirs. It’s worth noting that Sakiz is a natural resin extracted from the mastic tree, widely used in medicinal preparations due to its numerous therapeutic properties. Typically, Sakiz produces natural gum and flavoring handling in a delicious product.

Special Souvenirs from Ilam

In Ilam province, talented and artistic women showcase their silk and woolen rug weaving skills. This craft is prevalent in Shirvan Chardavol, Eyvan, and Darreh Shahr. These products are among the famous Iranian souvenirs in Ilam, alongside others like Giweh weaving, Jajim weaving, felt-making, Faranji Mali, and Qottreh weaving. It’s worth mentioning that wooden crafts are also trendy in Ilam, with wood frequently used to produce household and sports items. Ilam is also renowned for its delicious Iranian delicacies, where local animal fats, butter, whey, walnuts, Tarhineh, sesame, mountain honey, and Halva Begel are found. Alongside the resin of the Ben tree or Sakiz, sweets like Baji Baresaq, Amber rice, and Kaleh Konji are among the delicious edibles of this region.

Finally, it’s worth noting that breads from Ilam are also considered famous Iranian souvenirs. Among them are the Saj bread and the Gurdeh bread. Piig bread is also offered alongside other bread types and is incredibly delicious, tasty, and nutritious among Ilam bread.

Special Souvenirs from Bushehr

Bushehr is among Iran’s most beautiful and fascinating cities, where you can easily find various famous Iranian souvenirs. In this province, two main export products are Gabbeh (a type of rug) and Kilim, which the dedicated artists of this city excel at producing. Four villages under the jurisdiction of the Ganaveh county in Bushehr province, alongside Kamali, Abbasi, Fakhraavari, and Behmenyari, are the most significant centers for these products in the area. Together with the villages of Shoul, Kelar, and Mohammad Salehi, they are known for their Gabbeh and Kilim production.

In Bushehr, camel wool cloaks are also highly esteemed. Alongside handicrafts like Gargoor weaving, a type of fishing net, there’s pottery, mat weaving, and ceramics, all uniquely distinctive products of the region. But the list of famous souvenirs from Bushehr doesn’t stop there. You can also find delicious edibles such as dates, tahini, molasses, more dates, Khark (a type of unripe date), Muscat (a type of grape), Rash Halwa, Peski Halwa, various kinds of bread, and seafood items like shrimp, fish, tuna, and king prawns.

Special Souvenirs from Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

In Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, famous Iranian souvenirs like Jajim, Kilim, and Gabbeh are abundantly found. The handcrafted goods made in this province are unparalleled in beauty. Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari is also known for its carpet weaving and felt products and is considered a hub for producing felt items.

Felt has a long history in this province and is among its oldest handicrafts. The reputation of these products is such that they are exported to other countries. After Kerman and East Azerbaijan provinces, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari is the third most renowned region for producing and exporting handwoven carpets. In this province, you can also find delectable foods like Qarehqorut (a type of dried yogurt), tree almonds, and honey. Additionally, Gaz is another delicious treat from this province. It is recommended to add it to your list of famous Iranian souvenirs to procure from this region.

Unique Souvenirs from Khuzestan

Another excellent and vibrant province in Iran is Khuzestan. Due to its unique geographical location, situated in a plains region, it experiences a warm climate, providing a favorable environment for growing tropical plants. The most prominent handicraft and famous Iranian souvenir produced in this province is Shushtar’s Aba Bafi, which is very popular and well-liked. Of course, other handicrafts, such as Kapo weaving, Afshar rugs, and Ihram weaving, are among Ahvaz’s colorful souvenirs and the province of Khuzestan. It might be interesting to know that in Ahvaz, brooms are made from palm tree leaves, and purchasing one can be a memorable souvenir. Khuzestan also offers delicious foods like Halva Shakeri, Dezful citrus fruits, dates, date molasses, and a local type of pastry called Koliche, prepared mainly in cities like Shushtar and Dezful.

Unique Souvenirs from Khorasan

Khorasan is considered the primary pilgrimage province of Iran, with its handicrafts ranking among Iran’s famous souvenirs. In Mashhad and Khorasan Razavi province, you can buy beautiful dried fruits and handicrafts, most of which are offered in Torghabeh and Shandiz. Additionally, agate and turquoise jewelry, stone artifacts, decorative rings, various types of leather, and Kashmar carpets are among the famous souvenirs of this city.

It’s worth noting that the Kurds living in northern Khorasan are highly skilled in producing items like socks, beautiful scarves, rugs, and saddlebags. Alongside the things above, prayer beads, prayer mats, and carpets are among the most important souvenirs of Khorasan, especially Khorasan Razavi. If you visit this province, include Ghayen saffron, nougat, barberry, Bojnord candy, nuts, dried fruits, and spices in your souvenir list. Lastly, don’t forget that one of Iran’s famous souvenirs from Khorasan Razavi is the genuine turquoise of Neyshabur.