Serenade of the Lagoon: Anzali's Hidden Wildlife Sanctuary

This boat safari experience will allow you to connect with nature on a deeper level and get up close and personal with some of Iran's unique wildlife. Your local guide will ensure that everything goes smoothly so you can enjoy the experience and the breathtaking surroundings of Anzali Lagoon.

This experience will introduce you to a new world within the lagoon that you’ll always remember! Anzali Lagoon is a unique habitat for hundreds of bird species, mammals, and fantastic plant life, some of which can only be found in a few spots in Iran. In this experience, you’ll first board a boat and navigate through the blue water lilies. Along the way, you’ll listen to the soothing sounds of water and unspoiled nature, making you want to capture every moment with your camera.


The most exciting part of this experience is encountering the lagoon’s wildlife. During the journey, you might spot herons, and depending on the season, you’ll have the opportunity to observe different mammals up close. You’ve always wanted to see these animals, but the opportunity and knowledgeable guides to take you to them might have needed to be improved. No worries; with a local guide, everything goes according to plan.

Here’s what we’ll do:

Exploring Anzali Lagoon by Boat:

We’ll take a leisurely boat ride through the beauty of Anzali Lagoon.

Getting Acquainted with the Unique Fauna and Flora of the Lagoon:

We’ll learn about the different animal and plant species that call the lagoon home.

Admiring the Blue Water Lilies and Graceful Herons:

We’ll observe the vibrant blue water lilies and elegant herons.