Crafting Memories: Woodworking in the Artisan's Haven of Shiraz

This title captures the essence of our workshop experience, highlighting the hands-on nature of crafting wooden items and offering participants a chance to create meaningful memories while exploring the art of woodworking in the historic setting of Shiraz.

Welcome to the Artisan’s Haven. I’m Mohammad Soltani, and I invite you to our workshop, a sanctuary nestled in the heart of Shiraz’s historical landscape. Our space has always been a place of respite from the daily routine. The cozy and tranquil environment here is a result of Master Kazem Qarehkhaniyan’s continuous efforts and his unique artistic approach. We are eager to share the sense of well-being we experience in this space with you. We want you to immerse yourself in the experience of wood – to smell, touch, and create with it.

In this experience, we’ll journey to our workshop, the Artisan’s Haven, where we will spend a few hours crafting a small wooden item together, like a coaster, spoon, necklace, or sculpture. Our story begins as you wind through the historic alleyways of Shiraz, leading to the magnificent Saraye Moshir Bazaar. You’ll find your way to our workshop as you meander among the various you’ll shops and charming teahouses. The scent of wood and the inviting ambiance are noticeable from afar, drawing you into a world of traditional craftsmanship.

Here, we’ll talk about different types of wood and the tools and materials used in woodworking. Then, we’ll roll up our sleeves and craft a small product together. You can proudly take your handcrafted item home as a souvenir.

What to Expect:

Exploring Different Types of Wood:

We’ll introduce you to various types of wood and discuss how they are used in woodworking.

Hands-On Woodworking:

You’ll be beginning to craft a small wooden item under our guidance. Whether it’s a practical item or a decorative piece, you’ll experience the joy of creating with wood.

Social Interaction:

We’ll chat, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company in the friendly atmosphere of our workshop.