Threads of Tradition: Embroidery and Storytelling in Gilan

This title captures the essence of your experience, highlighting the opportunity for participants to explore the traditional art of Gilani embroidery, create their handcrafted keepsakes, and immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Gilan through storytelling. It invites individuals to join you in this unique journey of creativity and tradition.

In Loghnak, we’ve created a rustic space to relive the sweet experiences of our childhood. The beauty here, from the table settings to the bedding, is a form of handcrafted art. Various local stitching techniques and intricate Gilaki patchwork garments conceal countless untold stories, and I’m here to narrate them to you. Together, on seemingly discarded pieces of fabric, we’ll skillfully embroider delicate floral patterns and motifs, weaving my childhood memories into these tales. Witnessing the beautiful outcome of your work and hearing these stories will surely fill you with excitement and delight.

What to Expect:

Explore Local and Traditional Embroidery:

You’ll see various local and traditional embroidery styles in all their beauty.

Choose and Wear Garments:

If you wish, you can select one of the garments and try it on.

Create Your Own Embroidered Keepsake:

You’ll embroider a beautiful pattern on spare pieces of fabric to keep as a souvenir.


I’ll share the fascinating stories behind the art and garments, connecting you to the rich cultural heritage of Gilan.