Scripted Beauty: A Journey into Toreutics

This experience offers an excellent opportunity to explore the captivating world of calligraphy and create beautiful artwork steeped in history and culture.

This workshop is known as “Ghazavi Handicrafts House.” Here, they practice their craft and have created a space for teaching and collaboration. Art enthusiasts and travelers interested in this art form are welcome to join us and engage in this artistic journey together.

In this experience, you will step into my workshop and create a small masterpiece using the traditional art of Ghalamzani. You will then have the opportunity to take your creation home as a keepsake.

Here’s a brief overview of what to expect during our time together:

Exploring the History of Ghalamzani:

We will dive into the rich history of Ghalamzani, its cultural significance, and evolution over time. You will gain insight into the roots of this art form.

Discussing Ghalamzani Tools:

I will guide you through a conversation about the various tools used in Ghalamzani and teach you the proper techniques for handling them.

Hands-On Ghalamzani:

With my guidance, you will learn to wield the Ghalamzani pen and hammer and begin your Ghalamzani work. You will create your piece on a prepared brass plate.

Personalized Ghalamzani:

After completing your work, you can add your name or message using Ghalamzani techniques, making the piece uniquely yours.

Taking Home Your Ghalamzani Art:

Your finished masterpiece will be a tangible reminder of our artistic journey together, which you can proudly display at home.