Kilim Weaving & Jewelry Crafting

Whether you're an experienced artisan or someone new to crafting, this experience offers a unique opportunity to explore the enchanting world of Kilim weaving and create your works of art steeped in tradition and culture.

In this delightful experience, we will embark on a journey into Kilim weaving using threads, yarn, and a touch of patience. I will guide you on how to get started, and even if you’ve never tried this craft before, you can create tiny, handwoven treasures like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings within the few hours we’ll spend together.

These beautiful creations will serve as souvenirs that you can proudly take home. Moreover, you may be captivated by this art, inspiring you to explore the world of Kilim weaving further and even turn it into a professional pursuit.

Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect during this artistic adventure:

Exploring the History of Kilim Weaving in the Tonekabon Region:

We’ll delve into the rich history of Kilim weaving in the Tonekabon region, learning about its cultural significance and evolution.

Discussing Kilim Weaving Techniques:

We’ll engage in enlightening discussions about the various techniques employed in Kilim weaving, from intricate patterns to styles.

Hands-On Kilim Weaving:

You will have the opportunity to try your hand at Kilim weaving under my guidance. I will teach you the techniques and tips to create a small, woven masterpiece.

Crafting Kilim Jewelry:

Using the woven Kilim fabric, we will fashion it into beautiful, unique jewelry pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, adding a touch of cultural heritage to your style.

Taking Home Your Handcrafted Kilim Creations:

As a cherished souvenir, you can bring your handcrafted Kilim jewelry home, a tangible reminder of your creative journey into Kilim weaving.