Ghalamkari Unveiled: A Journey into Persian Artistry

An opportunity for participants to explore the traditional art of Ghalamkari, guided by a master artist, and to create their unique pieces. It invites individuals to join you on this immersive journey into the world of Persian craftsmanship and calligraphy.

Ghalamkari is one of the traditional arts of Isfahan, an art form that, like many other handicrafts, is at risk of fading into obscurity. For years, beautifully decorated calligraphic tablecloths with the taste of authentic Iranian flavors were an integral part of our memories. Fabrics adorned with this art form were present in various corners of our lives. In this experience, we invite you to visit one of the best and most amiable Ghalamkari masters, Mr. Abad. Together, we will spend a few hours in his workshop.

We will begin our journey from the Hozek residence. We’ll converse about Ghalamkari and then head to Mr. Abad’s workshop with the trim fabric bags we will provide you. We will become acquainted with various Ghalamkari templates and styles in the workshop. You will learn to make ink and apply Ghalamkari to the fabric we’ve provided or on your clothing. This artistry will serve as a lasting memento for you to cherish.

What to Expect:

Visit a Ghalamkari workshop:

We will take you to a Ghalamkari workshop.

Learn from a Master:

You will become familiar with the techniques and styles of this art form through the guidance of Mr. Abad.

Hands-On Experience:

You will get hands-on experience by practicing Ghalamkarion fabric.

Decorate Clothing and Items:

You can decorate the fabric we provide or your clothing and personal items with calligraphy.