Cloud walker's Delight: Discovering Chookasar Highland from Javaherdeh

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure filled with natural wonders and tranquil moments among the clouds in the Chookasar highlands!

In this experience, we’ll embark on a journey to the Chookasar highland near Ramsar in the Mazandaran region of Iran. Chookasar is nestled in the heights of Javaherdeh and is considered a precious gem among the lush forests of the Mazandaran province. To reach the Chookasar highlands, we’ll combine car and hiking, making the most of our adventure.

Our hiking route through the forest spans approximately forty minutes and is suitable for individuals who may not be seasoned athletes. Once we reach our destination, you’ll witness a sea of clouds beneath your feet, a breathtaking sight unlike the usual experience where clouds are above your head.

We’ll spend a few hours in Chookasar, enjoying the tranquility of nature’s beauty. We’ll prepare a campfire, brew some tea, and savor the serene atmosphere surrounded by the lush, unparalleled greenery. After lunch and a well-deserved rest, we’ll return downhill, concluding our journey with cherished memories.

Here’s what our journey will entail:

Visit Safaroud Waterfall:

We’ll start by visiting the Safaroud Waterfall to take in its beauty.

Hike from Javaherdeh to Chookasar:

We’ll hike from Javaherdeh towards the Chookasar highlands, immersing ourselves in the scenic beauty of the path.

Witness the Sea of Clouds:

In Chookasar, we’ll be mesmerized by the sea of clouds beneath our feet.

Meditation in Nature’s Silence:

We’ll have a peaceful moment of reflection amidst the quiet of nature.

Campfire Tea and Lunch:

We’ll prepare campfire tea and enjoy a meal in the heart of nature.