Ardakan Unveiled: Exploring History, Culture, and Cuisine

This experience is a journey into the heart of Ardakan, where history, culture, and flavors come together to create a memorable and enriching adventure. We invite you to step into the hidden stories and vibrant traditions of Ardakan as we explore the historic district and share delicious meals.

Perhaps many of us have had the experience or dream of wandering beneath the historic archways of cities and villages in the Yazd province. Ardakan is home to one of the most pristine archway-laden landmark districts. This historic district is brimming with tales – stories concealed within the walls of homes, hidden behind intricately woven curtains, whispered between the stalls of the bazaar, among the culinary delights, and within the handicrafts of the city. In this unique experience, we want to take your hand and embark on a journey together to uncover the lesser-heard stories and less-tasted flavors of Ardakan.

We’ll explore a few historic homes, visit some of the shops, delve into the stories of water and aqueducts as we see the qanats, and gain insight into the religious and ethnic diversity of our city as we explore the shrines of Sharifabad. Finally, we’ll return to our traditional home to prepare and share authentic Ardakani dishes, making our day even more flavorful.

Highlights of the Experience:

  • Walking Through Ardakan’s Historic District: We’ll stroll through the historic district of Ardakan and understand urban planning in the desert.
  • Exploring Historic Homes: We’ll have the opportunity to visit and explore some of Ardakan’s historic homes, each with its unique story.
  • Discovering the Qanats of Ardakan: We’ll visit the Qanats of Ardakan and learn about the culture of water management and aqueducts in the region.
  • Artisanal Workshops: We’ll have the chance to visit and shop at a local workshop producing Ardakani handicrafts, gaining insight into the area’s traditional crafts.
  • Exploring Sharifabad Shrines: We’ll venture to the cylindrical shrines of Sharifabad to learn about the Zoroastrian culture and heritage.
  • Cooking Traditional Ardakani Dishes: Together, we’ll prepare seasonal Ardakani dishes, savoring the authentic flavors of Ardakan.
  • Rest and Conversation: We’ll relax in a traditional adobe home, discussing the local culture and heritage.