Gilani Pottery Adventure: Crafting Gamaj

This pottery experience offers a blend of creativity, cultural enrichment, and the joy of spending time with our Gilani family. It's a chance to connect with the traditions and flavors that define Gilani cuisine while creating tangible art pieces that carry a part of the region's identity.

Creating pottery and delving into the art of making Gamaj in our small, traditional workshop sounds like a beautiful opportunity to connect with the rich cultural heritage of Gilani cuisine. Let’s explore the immersive experiences that await us during this pottery adventure:

Pottery in a Traditional Workshop:

Our journey begins as we step into our cozy pottery workshop. The atmosphere is steeped in tradition, offering a unique opportunity to learn and create. With our guidance, we engage in pottery-making, shaping clay with our hands and infusing each piece with our creativity.

Stories of Gamaj and Gomajsazi:

As we work on our pottery, you share the captivating stories behind Gamaj and the art of Gomajsazi. These stories serve as a bridge to the cultural and culinary history of the Gilaki people, offering insights into the significance of these dishes in Gilani cuisine.

Creating Unique Pottery:

Through our guidance and expertise, we craft our Gamaj dishes, shaping them carefully and precisely. The process of molding and forming the clay into functional art pieces allows us to connect with the craftsmanship of Gilaki pottery.


Patience and Culinary Traditions:

We learn that Gamaj plays a unique role in Gilani cuisine, particularly in dishes like Fasanjun and Anarbijeh, which require patience and slow cooking. These dishes, known as Darze Qataq, represent the culinary traditions and flavors deeply rooted in the Gilani culture.

Bonding with our Rural Family:

Beyond the pottery, we have the privilege of spending time with our rural family, deepening our understanding of life in the region. We become more than just visitors; we become friends, forging connections beyond the workshop.